Free BJD MSD Basic Pattern Pieces

Good evening to you, Internet-Land! Well, after all my good intentions last week of slowing down the buying trend, it only took a couple days to fall off my own wagon. I saw and purchased one more doll … and now I’m done … I think. I joined some great BJD groups on facebook, and found a Resinsoul Long for sale. I think I am right that he was needed here to pair up with the lovely white lady I purchased earlier. Now I will have my tall couple and the five pastel girls for my current project. I’m hoping not to be further tempted! As to the pastel project, I was able to get two of my face-ups done. I posted pics in the groups, but thought I’d share them here as well. The first two pics are the before & after shots of the Bobobie Ophelia (she needed some pizzaz), and the third is the Fairyland Nanuri. Then, after the face-up photos, I have some new patterns for you.

In my conversations this week, I was asked if I have any MSD size patterns. Most of the clothing I’ve made for this size was more specific to the Wilde Imagination Ellowyne. Today I actually worked on drafting patterns for both the MSD JID body and the MSD MiniFee body. Both of mine have the smaller bust line, so you made need to make alterations according to your own dolls.

REMEMBER! My “Basic Pattern Piece” sets are drafted directly from the doll, and do not have any extra fullness. If sewn “as is,” you would get a very tight body suit. You will need to add the overlap for closures and any fullness you want in your look. I do, however, include a 0.25″ seam allowance. Now the designing is totally up to you! Here is a view of the patterns, and the free PDF files are ready to download on my “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy!

BJD MSD Basic Pieces

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