Some Side-Snap Pants for MSD BJDs

Hello, friends in Internet~Land. Well, it looks like it’s a good thing I found the Quantum Leap Complete Series DVD Collection for about $10. It turns out I’ll have them to help pass the time while recovering from my up-coming hand surgery. After trying all the normal steps for relief (bracing, compression, meds, and physical therapy), the specialist determined a surgical procedure is the only option that will lead to correction. So, once I have the operation, we will “enjoy” another space between posts and projects. I’m working on some ideas, so I’ll see how many I can get ready before I go in for my “event.” In the meantime, here is a fun pattern for your MSD size fellas. It may also work for some of the Tonner guys, so you’ll just have to check the measurements or make a mock-up with some practice fabric. Hopefully, these few last MSD patterns will give you a good base for creating lots of fun designs. Happy sewing!


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