New BASIC SET for MiroDoll 44cm Fella

Greetings, Internet~Land! Well, I am finally happy with my little 44cm guy from MiroDoll. Long ago I purchased a Miro MSD Flora head from a friend, and did the faceup with a more masculine look. I then purchased the 44cm body from the company to go with it. Though I was satisfied with my faceup and the choice to use it on a male body, I just never fell in love with the sculpt itself (whether done as male or female). I had, however, always really liked the look of their Leo sculpt. I guess it’s just more my style. Even though I ordered him in the wrong resin color (normal pink when it should have been normal yellow ~ zoiks), I was able to get an acceptable match by using more yellows and peach colors in the faceup. I also didn’t have the eye style contrast in purples, but I did have some blues that would do the trick. Since I still need to make his brownish wig, he’s wearing a nice ivory one for the time being. Now I can say that I’m very happy with my little MSD fella! For the moment he’s wearing a soft workout set that is actually for the Tonner Matt body, but it will work until I can make him some clothes of his own. To move forward with that process, I have drafted a new BASIC PATTERN SET for this MiroDoll 44cm MaleBody. Hope it’s helpful to any of you who are needing a male Basic Set of similar proportions. The pattern images and link are posted below these shots of my cute little guy. Enjoy!


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