Some of My Favorite Style of Pants

Hello, Internet~Land! It was so fun to see some of you at the Doll Show this weekend. I always enjoy preparing for a show with fun new fashions. As shown at my table, I’ve been looking forward to finishing this new pattern set for you. When I took a try at making SD (1/3 scale) size pants with a paper bag style waistline, I found that I liked my result even better than a set that I purchased. I used a light poly-cotton blend to hold a nice ironed crease without getting overloaded with the wrinkles that can come with 100% cotton. I had been holding on to a small piece of flame print fabric for a really long time, and I think this was the perfect project for it! The pattern set includes the tie-close coat, a sleeveless shirt, and the pants. It also features pieces for either a solid color suit or the color-blocked option. Enjoy!


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