Making 1/3 BJD Pattern Pieces

Good morning, Internet-Land. I had an idea for a new project, but in order to start, I was going to need to make a new pattern set. Since I had never done a complete Basic Set for my 1/3 scale (58cm) BJD gals, I thought this would be a good day to incorporate that in as well. To see a more detailed list of steps for wrapping, taping. and marking your particular doll, you can see my earlier tutorial in the archives: Making a Fitted Pattern for Evangeline on October 1, 2017. The steps are the same for any doll you might want to use. Here I will just mention the steps and show a couple photos I took during the process. At the end I will include a picture of the finished pattern set, and if you would like, you can pop over to my Ready To Print page and download the pdf file with the pieces. These are formatted to legal size paper (8.5″x14″). Remember ~ as with my other “Basic Pattern Sets,” the pieces are an ACTUAL EXACT FIT directly from the doll used. As you draft your own cool new designs, you will need to add any fullness required along with the needed overlaps for front or back closures or pant fly openings, etc.

First, I wrap the doll in plastic kitchen wrap. Then I tape over the wrap with the frosted style of adhesive tape. I only need to wrap one side of her. Once wrapped & taped, I draw my pattern lines on the tape.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Second, I carefully cut the pieces off the doll, being careful not to scratch her. I carefully remove excess wrap from the backside of the pieces, so they will lay a little easier on the paper. These pieces are then traced with pencil onto clean paper.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Third, I add between one-sixteenth and one-eighth inch to the outside of the lines to smooth out the pieces (except for the inside of the arm-holes and neck-line, these I keep the same).

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Fourth, I add a .25″ seam allowance to all pieces.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Remember, these are only the exact fitted pieces. The rest is up to your own great creativity! Enjoy & thanx for stopping by!

BJD FEMALE 58m Basic Pieces


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