Site Changes!

Hello, hello, dear Internet~Land! Thanks so much for coming to visit my Blog/Website. I hope here you can find encouragement and inspiration for your own creative journeys. Just a bit of news for you ~ I’m making some changes to the site, so it’s easier to find what you want. I’m adding new Ready To Print pages that will be categorized and will have the images and PDF links placed together. The first one, “Ready To Print – Paper Dolls,” is now finished and added to the MENU at the top of the site, so all the Paper Doll Sets are now on that page. I’ll be making these changes a little at a time, but rest assured, none of the patterns will be removed from their normal locations until they are safe on their own new pages. Patterns will also still be linked in the Blog posts when they were introduced. So, please “stay tuned” for updates as I get our space more organized! All the best to you for a wonderful day!


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