Let’s Sew a BJD Wig!

Yes, Internet~Land, it is finally time to address the subject of BJD wig making (or any kind of doll wig making for that matter). I have used my Third Scale Wig Pattern to make the head-cap, and then used the hair from a Halloween costume braid that I bought at Wal-Mart for $2.98. All in all, a great price for the result! I hope this will be helpful for you as you step into the realm of BJD hair design. I’ll add the link for the Wig Pattern here as well as post the new Harem Pants Pattern to fit the Mirodoll 66cm Male. I’ll also post pictures of each below the video link. Happy sewing & happy hair dressing!

Mirodoll 66cm Male Harem Pants

Doll Wig Patterns

Trying a New Pattern for BJD Wingtips!

Hello, all my friends in Internet~Land! I have a new shoe pattern for SD size wingtip shoes. This pair was made to fit my Mirodoll 66cm male BJD. His feet are 3″x 1 1/8″ (or 7.8x3cm). My previous patterns all turned out bigger than I would like, so I am happy that this pattern finally fit just how I wished. When making this pattern ready for scanning and printing, I adjusted the shoe to fit either foot for easier construction. If you would like to alter it to look more left or right, feel free to do so. When I make the soles, I use two layers of thick Dauphine vinyl for the sole, and another two layers for the heel. I glue the center of the soles and heels, keeping the glue away from the edges. This made it easier to sew them together without the worry of glue gumming up my needle and machine. Then I glued the heel to the sole in the center of the heel. These layers were then sewed together as I also sewed the shoe top to the sole. Once again, keeping the glue in the center made it easier to sew without having to push my needle through hardened glue. All in all, I am really happy with how they turned out and will be making more for my other fellas. Enjoy!

SD BJD Wingtip Shoes Pattern

Making Easy NO IRON Bias Tape Ties

Welcome, Internet~Land! Today, I have to admit to one of my own short-comings. I’m a bit on the lazy side. If I can find a way to eliminate steps in a process, you can bet your boots I will! Today I’m posting a quick video showing how I like to fold and sew my bias tape ties all in one easy step … without using the iron! I introduced my little Bias Tape Folder Sets a while ago, and I will be using this tool as I sew. I’ll link the PDF for the Folders below in case you haven’t printed your copy yet. Just click on the pink link to open. Hope it’s helpful!

Bias Tape Folder

A BJD Baggy Sweater!

Hi, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are well today. I had some extra time this week, so am able to get this new pattern & video out to you sooner than planned! How often does that happen???? Two of my BJD fellas have the newest bodies, so don’t yet have a lot to wear. They are currently wearing some harem pants and tops made for the taller 70cm Resinsoul Long body. They do have their own jackets (though unfinished), so I decided to put together a new over-sized sweater. It’s funny to me how they’re wearing Long’s pants, and now the baggy sweater designed for them will, in turn, fit Long also. (heeheehee!) The pattern features the pieces to make the sweater in the video with additional options for a shorter length of both the sweater hem and sleeves. Well, without further ado, here you go!

Male SD BJD Oversize Sweater

Male SD BJD Oversize Sweater

Making Bias Tape

Hi, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are doing well during these very stressful times. The long lasting effects of the Corona virus are still spreading to every corner. Businesses all over the world are closing, down-sizing, and/or making drastic changes in their organizational structures. We are feeling it here, too. I have only a few weeks of work, before I will be home for an extended period of time. Yet, through all of this, people are banding together in order to help where they can. One of the most widely spread projects is sewing fabric face masks. My last post included a free PDF of the pattern I like best with a video on how I put them together.

This brings me to today’s subject. I know many sewing supplies (like elastic and bias tape) are in short supply. As a result, I have been burning my fingers with the steam iron as I make my own ties. This led me to the search for a bias tape maker. Though I was able to find some and order them online, I’m not holding my breath for their arrival! In the meantime, I thought I’d try my hand at making a way to fold my fabric more easily and quickly with less risk to my poor fingers. Hence, today’s attachment. This is just a quick little helper for you to fold and iron your own bias tape while you’re waiting for the  “real tools” to arrive.  Just click on the pink link to open the downloadable PDF file. I hope it proves to be helpful!

Bias Tape Folder

Bias Tape Folder

Here’s the Mask Method I Like Best!

Hello, Internet~Land! A friend asked if I’d make a video for sewing masks, so here it is. I like this method shown on YouTube by Crafticakes7. I’ve linked to her video as well in my video description box. I also changed my pattern to update it for using this method. This video shows me actually sewing a mask with no jumpcuts or edits. Hope it’s helpful! Take care!



Thoughts on Masks and a New Dress Video

Good afternoon, all you in Internet~Land! I have a new video posted showing how to sew the Resinsoul Mi Dress Pattern I posted a while back. I also spend some time showing & talking about the masks I have made, the patterns I liked, and videos that I used. The first videos I used were linked in the April 3, 2020  post where I posted my adjusted pattern. Then I found another video I really liked, and it is linked in the description of the video below. I hope the info is helpful if you’re wanting to make masks as well. Then, I thought it was time to finish up this dress that was ready to sew. Enjoy & take care of yourselves!

My Adjusted Mask Pattern

EDIT ALERT! I noticed a couple errors on my pattern, so I have fixed & updated it!

Greetings! As many others around the world, I have been working on sewing some masks. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, and found the couple that I liked best. I’ll link them below the picture. After sewing, we decided that we liked the fitted masks best, but had a couple of fit issues. I made some tweaks to get the fit we wanted, as well as added some piecing in order to insert renewable filters. Just in case some of you might like easy access to a pattern, I am including my adjusted one here for your convenience. You can just click on the word “MASK” to open the printable PDF file! Stay safe & happy sewing!




A New Basic Dress for Resinsoul Mi

Good evening (and I mean a really LATE evening ~ for me, it’s 11:30pm), Internet~Land! I hope this finds you remaining safe and healthy. If you are experiencing this new viral outbreak first hand, I send love and prayers for your healing of body, mind, and spirit. For those who are still trying to avoid the Corona contagion, my prayers are for your efforts to be successful. Here in the US, the numbers are beginning to climb, and I think it may get worse before it gets better. For the time being, we are still ok and working. To comply with Oregon’s new social distancing requirements, my shift is now starting earlier. It’s not much, but I can really feel the difference, especially when added to the current stress already in place from the whole situation. I was very glad for no overtime, and have spent the greater part of my Friday and Saturday resting.

As I realize how blessed and fortunate I am to still be safe and working, I know that many of you are quarantined and probably feeling very isolated. I wanted to have something for you to inspire and provide a new project for some creativity. My lovely Resinsoul Mi currently has only one gown. Since she has been kind of neglected, I thought it would be nice to give her a new pattern. This is a very basic fitted dress with a pretty neckline and a gathered skirt. You can adjust the length of the skirt to your liking. This doll is quite tall (60cm) and very thin, so I’m not sure how she compares to other sculpts. You can check the Resinsoul website for her collected measurements. I don’t have a video for sewing the dress yet, but will try to get one finished and posted here in the near future. In the meantime, please do your best to stay safe, and happy sewing!

Resinsoul Mi Dress