2 NEW Basic Sets!

Hi, all you in Internet~Land! Wow. I’ve had a long couple weeks! I know it’s nothing compared to many of you out there, but for this old gal ~ I’m not a big fan of the 50 hour work week (combined with 9-10 hours of drive time). I got reeeeeally spoiled working a 36-40 hour week (a couple blocks away) for 12 years! Now, I’m definitely having to adjust. With extra overtime, I get less time for my dolly adventures. Don’t worry ~ it’s not all “gloom & doom.” One of the reasons for my extra hours is that I’ve been working on a new display for our department. I can’t recall if I’ve ever mentioned where I work. It’s at A-dec. We make dental furniture & equipment. I work in the Upholstery Department sewing upholstery for dental chairs. I was able to get permission to show a photo of my display. I’m so happy with how it turned out! It gives an overview of the different styles of chair inner upholstery (stuffing) & stitching patterns that are available, and the video screen is on a loop showing how different pieces of equipment are used in the assembly process. We have lots of tour groups come through the campus, so we wanted to upgrade our display area. Of course, I had lots of help from the Machine & Property Departments, but I did do all the sewing on the samples in the boxes, as well as the main design & graphics of the board. Here’s how it looks!

This week, the sun is lasting longer, and my spirits & energy are up! I mentioned in my last post that I have recently acquired a Mirodoll male body. I thought he was going to be 60cm, but he turned out to be only 54-55cm. Since he was much smaller than my Mirodoll Rain, the BASIC Pattern Set I last posted will not fit him. Sooo ~ I have been busy drafting a new BASIC Pattern Set for Rain (who is actually 68cm), as well as another BASIC Set for my newly arrived Bobobie Apollo! I bought the Apollo to fit a head I recently purchased. The Mirodoll body was too hefty for the head I bought, so I am using that body for a Ban head I already had. Now that these two new BASIC Sets are done, I will be using them to make more clothing patterns. Be sure to keep an eye out for those videos! In the mean time, here are the new BASIC sets. Enjoy & happy creating!

Mirodoll 68cm Male BASIC

Mirodoll 68cm Male BASIC Set

Pattern – Bobobie Apollo BASIC

Bobobie Apollo BASIC Set.png

Sewing BJD Overalls & a NEW Basic Set!

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land, so glad to be chatting with you! I’m a little late at posting this time. I was planning to have everything ready to post a few days ago, but had an “incident.” Last weekend, we here in the Pacific Northwest enjoyed a very cold & icy weekend. I was rather disappointed that our snow was less than expected and rather short-lived. Sunday, as I was plodding my way down our VERY STEEP “dry” driveway, my foot hit an unexpected patch of ice. Down I went, landing very hard on the upper back part of my bum! I think had it been the “seat,” I would not have been in as much pain. My daughters were in the car waiting for me, and both jumped out to come to my aid ~ simultaneously concerned and bursting with laughter! I tried to get up, but my feet just kept sliding away from me. It took Savannah and me a few tries before I was on my feet again. Since “sitting” for an hour was out of the question, my daughters headed to church without me, and I spent the rest of the day lying on my side. Zoiks ~ I sureĀ  don’t bounce back like I used to! It’s a good thing I had scheduled this week as vacation time. I spent Sunday & Monday recuperating. Rest assured that I am fine, just sore … though my ego is still a bit tender!

Now on to the dolly news. I have the new video ready for sewing together the 1/3 scale female BJD Overalls Pattern. I was very happy with how they turned out. That pattern is already on the “Free Stuff” and “Ready To Print” pages (along with the T-Shirt shown in the video). I also have a new Basic Set ready for the Mirodoll 55cm Male body. They call it “60cm,” but when he arrived, I measured to find him a bit shorter than they claimed. Still, I really like him and am anxious to get his new head painted & put on him. I will post the photo of the pattern set and the PDF link of the pattern after the video link. Happy Creating!

BJD Mirodoll 55cm Male BASIC SET

BJD Mirodoll 55cm Male Basic

Pants with Zippers!

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! I hope all is well with you this fine Monday evening … at least for me it’s still Monday evening ~ almost bed time. Anyways, here’s a bit of news for any who might be interested. You’ll recall that last week was the Cross Roads Doll Show up in Clackamas, Oregon. Since “life just happens” sometimes, I have missed out on the last two 2018 shows with this organization. To my surprise, I learned last week that the Cross Roads Team has had continual difficulties with the management of the particular hotel where we host the show. Consequently, we will no longer be having our shows at this venue. When we hear of our new location, I will let you know. All things considered, we still had a great day, and I posted a short vlog on my YouTube channel about our adventure. I’m both anxious and curious as to where this show will be held in future. My participation hangs heavily on the cost of the table space, as well as the driving distance from home.

In other news, I have revised the pattern for the 70cm Male BJD Long Coat that I put together in my last sewing video. I wanted to tweak it a bit for a better construction and fit. The new version can be viewed on the Free Stuff Page, and the PDF has been replaced as well on the Ready To Print Page. This week, I also have a new pattern for some faux “leather” pants to fit the slim 70cm Male BJDs. They’re a skinny leg pant with zippers at the ankles! I have the sewing video ready! Wishing you all a SUPER week!

70cm Male BJD Leather Pants with Zippers


70cm Male Leather Pants

The Lord Made a Difficult Day Easier!

Greetings & Salutations, Internet~Land! I hope all is well with you this weekend. It was a strange week for me. Work was good, but seemed extra long. As some might remember, last year we lost our younger sister at the age of 39. It was such a shock, and still seems very unreal. As the first anniversary drew near (yesterday), the memories would hit in waves as I was trying to go about my regular tasks. I was so, so thankful to learn that we would NOT be working the Friday overtime shift (blessing number one). Friday, I woke up at around 6:30am and began to putt around the house. I baked up some homemade pretzels and brewed some fresh oolong tea. Once breakfast was done, I worked on my new patterns for this week. Being productive is very therapeutic for me (blessing number two). After working for a while, I felt kind of drained, so enjoyed taking a warm, snuggly nap (blessing number three). When I woke up, I finished the patterns, and then was able to help a friend who is working on some college entrance essays. It was nice to step outside myself a little and help someone else (blessing number four). Later, I got all the pattern pieces cut for this week’s sewing video (blessing number five). Today I filmed the actual sewing part for the new coat design. I’ll finish up & post the new video tomorrow. It was so nice to have happy things occupying my mind in addition to the difficult things. The Lord is very good to bless me with a very full and happy life ~ it makes the hard times easier to endure. So, it is with a contented and grateful heart that I continue to move along and share my joys with all of you. I hope you are able to have a lovely weekend of rest, peace, and dolly fun!

REVISED – BJD 70cm Male Long Coat

REVISED - BJD 70cm Long Coat


Back into the Swing

Whew! Hello, Internet~Land. How are you? Has the new year started out well for you? I hope you are finding new avenues of creativity and energy. I also hope you are keeping yourself healthy. Good food, lots of water, and then there’s the other thing … exercise. Ya ~ I’ll work on that one, too, I guess … if I must. It’s been a challenge to try to get back into the routine after all our holiday activities. We also had our annual inventory event at work the first of the month, so now we’re all trying to get back into a regular rhythm. I think I will get there. I’ll just take one day at a time.

To jump into January, I have started my new planner for the year. My daughters got me some of the Happy Planner items for my birthday & Christmas. I have several pages of fun ideas for patterns, paper dolls, and videos. I also have a Doll Show coming up on January 26. Now to finish up some items to take along with me!


This week, I have been putting together one of the patterns from The Twelve Gifts of Christmas so you can see what it looks like when finished. It’s the gown set for Annora. It actually went together really well, and was one of the “easier” things I’ve sewn in a while. I hope you have fun sewing it, too. Take good care of yourselves this week ~ and be sure to get enough rest!

On to the Next Project!

Whew! How is everyone in Internet~Land enjoying the new year? Now that the holidays are over, I was able to finish up my Doctor Who outfit for the 70cm Resinsoul body. He’s all done! And now, it’s time to move on to the next project ~ my new 1/4 scale Mirodoll Candy. I’ve now done her faceup, and next will be the wig and clothing. These dollies keep me busy!

I will also be hosting a table at the Cross Roads Doll & Teddy Bear Show up in Clackamas, Oregon on January 26, 2019. If you’re close by, come on in and say, “Hello!” Wishing you all a super week!


Sewing the Suit Coat for Doctor Who BJD

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! I hope your Christmas & Holiday Season has been joyful! I am so blessed ~ my daughters spoiled me this year with so much fun! I shared some of their gifts in my newest video. Other items included Sherlock DVD sets, dolly accessories, a Dumbledore doll by Mattel, and more products for my 2019 Happy Planner! As shown in the video, I also received an order from Mirodoll that includes a 60cm male body and a 1/4 scale girl “Candy” head/body set. I have so many fun things to do this coming year. Now I just need to schedule time to get them all done! One of the first things on my “To Do List” is finishing up my Doctor Who outfit. So ~ this week I am working on his suit coat. I had some challenges with this project, so in the video, I have added extra notes in the places where I needed to make changes to the process. This way, you can see what I originally tried, as well as how I will change it next time. Many of you who are master sewers will spot my errors immediately, I’m sure, but for many of us ~ we can hopefully learn from my mistakes! I have removed the original pattern and reposted the REVISED version in its place (both in the original post and on the “Ready To Print” page). I will repost the link to the REVISED PDF here as well. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!!!

REVISED – BJD 70cm Male Suit Coat

DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #12

Happy, Happy Christmas, Internet~Land! I hope you have had a day full of joy and relaxation! Our holiday was so lovely. We started with a visit to my parents’ home, then went on to a yummy brunch with all the fun of a gift exchange. It was so good to just visit and spend time with family. We are so very, very blessed. While at my sister’s, I was able to finish up Gift #12 to complete the series for this year. Today’s pattern was designed for the Tonner Tyler doll, but can fit a wide range of 16″ (1/4 scale) dolls. I have also included a simple pattern for a set of leggings as well as a basic T-shirt. Wishing you a wonderful week with lots of happy sewing!

Tyler Fashion Coat Set

Tyler Fashion Coat Set

DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #11

Hello, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are having a splendid day. It’s pretty quiet here. We’re just lounging around in our pajamas feeling all cozy. Our holiday festivities will occur tomorrow, so today I am finishing up these gifts for you along with a couple sewing projects. It’s nice to have almost everything done, so today I can just relax and work at a pleasant pace. Today’s gift is a pattern set for Ellowyne Wilde and similarly sized MSD BJDs. It could also work for other 16″ fashion dolls (like Tyler or Gene), but you may need to tweak it a bit to work through the bust line. The basic sheath style dress was intentionally designed with fuller hips to fit dolls like the Fairyland MiniFees, so it should be able to fit a wide range of body designs. Enjoy and Happy Christmas Eve!

Ellowyne BJD MSD Flared Coat Set

Ellowyne Flared Coat

DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #10

Hello and Happy Friday, Internet~Land! I have some new outfits for the Jeri Paper Doll Set as Gift #10. Last night we went to see the new “Mary Poppins Returns.” I’m SUCH a big softy when it comes to all things nostalgic. I know many will think I’m extremely sappy, and I’d have to say I quite agree! I absolutely LOVED it! So, to celebrate my continual inner child, I bring three Poppins inspired outfits along with hats, as well as a couple pair of Christmas PJs. The PDF link below has been updated to include the new designs. On a more somber note, I’m not sure when I will be able to post the last two gifts (though be sure they WILL be posted). We have a family gathering due to the loss of a loved one, so my weekend schedule will be rearranged slightly. Wishing lots of love and Christmas joy to you all ~ I will post again soon!

Jeri Paper Doll