Getting Back in the Swing

Hello, hello, Friends in Internet~Land!

Well, I’m starting to get back into the groove of productivity. I have a new video all filmed (it just needs to be edited), I have a new BJD pattern set finished, I’ve won the most recent battle with ANTS in my house, AND I’m enjoying the task of beta reading/editing for a wonderful new & up-coming author! It was a very long couple weeks, but the Lord is always good, and the breather was very refreshing. My family member came through the first surgery well, and will soon move into the next phase of treatments. The funeral for my friend was very nice, and we got to see some dear friends who traveled to be here. We’ve had good reports from the other friends, who are hanging in there one day at a time. So, I guess that’s where we are. All in all, life moves along with both its ups & downs. Thank you for your support and kind comments here, on facebook, and on my videos. You all are so thoughtful, and it’s much appreciated.

Now, on to our dolly joy! The video I’m working on shows how you can use “people patterns” to make patterns for dolls. This set is from doing just that. It’s from an old pattern of mine, but I’m not sure just how old it is, so to avoid potential problems, we’re simply calling it the “ruffle dress.” It’s a loose fitting dress that can be either tea length or full length with a full, flowing, ruffled skirt and sleeves. I reproduced the pattern for both 1/3 SD and 1/4 MSD BJD sizes, and it should work for a very large variety of body shapes due to the loose fit. I will post the link & picture here as well as on the “Free Stuff” and “Ready To Print” pages. Hopefully the “how to” video will be edited and posted very soon, so stay tuned for that. Again ~ thanks so much for all the love & right back at’cha!

BJD Ruffle Dress Pattern

BJD Ruffle Dress Pattern


Hello, Internet~Land
Thank you so much for stopping by the site and for watching my posts. I just wanted to update that I may be taking a little bit of a break. Sometimes, life just gets a bit complicated & energies need to be directed elsewhere for a while. We have a family member dealing with a pretty major heath thing, I went to the funeral for a friend this weekend, another friend has a very serious health issue, and two other friends also had to endure family losses. It’s been a little much, so I’m gonna take a short break from social media to process & renew. Be assured, I’ll be back again very soon!
Much love as always ~ missy 

A Slow Weekend

Hi, everybody in Internet~Land. I hope it’s a good day for you. I am happy to be home today enjoying the first day of my three-day weekend. I should be coming up with an extensive “to-do” list, but instead I’ve been leisurely cleaning, baking, and watching the newly released English version of Naruto Shippuden ~ the LONG awaited Final Battle! I have also been trying to decide on the subject of my next video. I have a couple directions I could go, but have not made a decision yet. In the meantime, I have a new pattern for the Tonner Matt body style. This set consists of a pair of cargo shorts and a baseball style T-shirt. I’ve actually sewed this pattern several times, so it shouldn’t have too many untried glitches. It may also work for those of you who have 1/4 scale MSD BJDs. I can’t say for certain, as I don’t have any that size myself. Anyways, it’s a fun pattern for a more casual spring/summer time look. OK ~ now back to my show & deciding on something else to cook!

Matt – TShirt & Cargo Shorts Pattern Set

Matt Cargo Shorts T-Shirt

Loving To Sew

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. Last week, I had a really great time at the Wagon Wheel Dollers’ Show at the Polk County Fairgrounds. (Ya, it’s “Dollers’ ” not “Dollars’.”) It was fun to see some of you at the show along with other friends, both vendors & collectors. This week, even after putting in a 50 hour work week, I was able to finish a video and post a new pattern for you. I love productive weekends! The video finishes out the pattern set for the Bobobie Apollo SD BJD body, and the new pattern is a loose fitting dress shirt for the 70cm male Resinsoul body. The pattern photo & PDF link will be posted below the video link. Enjoy & Happy Spring!

BJD 70cm Male Loose Shirt

70cm Male BJD Loose Shirt

Time To Sew a Silver Jacket for BJD

Hello, Internet~Land! I was able to finish the video for sewing the new Bobobie Apollo Jacket Pattern. I also included a link to sew the pants for him. All the patterns mentioned in the video are linked in the previous two posts as well as on my “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy & Happy Sewing!!!

Some New Matt Patterns

Hi, everybody in Internet~Land! I hope you are all well on this fine evening. We have enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day. It’s nice to be coming out of the early darkness of winter into the longer days of spring. I think we are headed for some nice, warm weather this coming week. It’s amazing how a little more sunshine can lift the spirits. Gotta love that opportunity to soak in some Vitamin D!

Today I have a new pattern set for you. I was asked about patterns for the Tonner Matt body style. I am pleased to post this set with pants and a long dress coat. I already have a button-up shirt available on the “Ready To Print” page. I have been told that the Matt sized clothing will work for various 1/4 MSD sized BJDs as well. Hopefully, this will be useful for some fun designs.

Matt – Long Coat and Pants Pattern Set

Matt Long Coat & Pants

A Quick Note

Hi, Guys in Internet~Land! I just wanted to share a quick post that I finished my newest video on drafting a pattern set for the Bobobie Apollo 1/3 scale BJD. It’s a three piece set that includes pants, a button-up shirt, and a jacket. It’s a long video, because I wanted to show the process in “real time.” Hopefully it will give a true representation of what you can expect if you decide to design your own set. The PDF for the Basic set is on the Ready To Print page, but I’ll also post the PDF for the Apollo 3pc Set here for easy access. Enjoy!

Pattern – Bobobie Apollo 3pc Outfit

2 NEW Basic Sets!

Hi, all you in Internet~Land! Wow. I’ve had a long couple weeks! I know it’s nothing compared to many of you out there, but for this old gal ~ I’m not a big fan of the 50 hour work week (combined with 9-10 hours of drive time). I got reeeeeally spoiled working a 36-40 hour week (a couple blocks away) for 12 years! Now, I’m definitely having to adjust. With extra overtime, I get less time for my dolly adventures. Don’t worry ~ it’s not all “gloom & doom.” One of the reasons for my extra hours is that I’ve been working on a new display for our department. I can’t recall if I’ve ever mentioned where I work. It’s at A-dec. We make dental furniture & equipment. I work in the Upholstery Department sewing upholstery for dental chairs. I was able to get permission to show a photo of my display. I’m so happy with how it turned out! It gives an overview of the different styles of chair inner upholstery (stuffing) & stitching patterns that are available, and the video screen is on a loop showing how different pieces of equipment are used in the assembly process. We have lots of tour groups come through the campus, so we wanted to upgrade our display area. Of course, I had lots of help from the Machine & Property Departments, but I did do all the sewing on the samples in the boxes, as well as the main design & graphics of the board. Here’s how it looks!

This week, the sun is lasting longer, and my spirits & energy are up! I mentioned in my last post that I have recently acquired a Mirodoll male body. I thought he was going to be 60cm, but he turned out to be only 54-55cm. Since he was much smaller than my Mirodoll Rain, the BASIC Pattern Set I last posted will not fit him. Sooo ~ I have been busy drafting a new BASIC Pattern Set for Rain (who is actually 68cm), as well as another BASIC Set for my newly arrived Bobobie Apollo! I bought the Apollo to fit a head I recently purchased. The Mirodoll body was too hefty for the head I bought, so I am using that body for a Ban head I already had. Now that these two new BASIC Sets are done, I will be using them to make more clothing patterns. Be sure to keep an eye out for those videos! In the mean time, here are the new BASIC sets. Enjoy & happy creating!

Mirodoll 68cm Male BASIC

Mirodoll 68cm Male BASIC Set

Pattern – Bobobie Apollo BASIC

Bobobie Apollo BASIC Set.png

Sewing BJD Overalls & a NEW Basic Set!

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land, so glad to be chatting with you! I’m a little late at posting this time. I was planning to have everything ready to post a few days ago, but had an “incident.” Last weekend, we here in the Pacific Northwest enjoyed a very cold & icy weekend. I was rather disappointed that our snow was less than expected and rather short-lived. Sunday, as I was plodding my way down our VERY STEEP “dry” driveway, my foot hit an unexpected patch of ice. Down I went, landing very hard on the upper back part of my bum! I think had it been the “seat,” I would not have been in as much pain. My daughters were in the car waiting for me, and both jumped out to come to my aid ~ simultaneously concerned and bursting with laughter! I tried to get up, but my feet just kept sliding away from me. It took Savannah and me a few tries before I was on my feet again. Since “sitting” for an hour was out of the question, my daughters headed to church without me, and I spent the rest of the day lying on my side. Zoiks ~ I sure¬† don’t bounce back like I used to! It’s a good thing I had scheduled this week as vacation time. I spent Sunday & Monday recuperating. Rest assured that I am fine, just sore … though my ego is still a bit tender!

Now on to the dolly news. I have the new video ready for sewing together the 1/3 scale female BJD Overalls Pattern. I was very happy with how they turned out. That pattern is already on the “Free Stuff” and “Ready To Print” pages (along with the T-Shirt shown in the video). I also have a new Basic Set ready for the Mirodoll 55cm Male body. They call it “60cm,” but when he arrived, I measured to find him a bit shorter than they claimed. Still, I really like him and am anxious to get his new head painted & put on him. I will post the photo of the pattern set and the PDF link of the pattern after the video link. Happy Creating!

BJD Mirodoll 55cm Male BASIC SET

BJD Mirodoll 55cm Male Basic

Pants with Zippers!

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! I hope all is well with you this fine Monday evening … at least for me it’s still Monday evening ~ almost bed time. Anyways, here’s a bit of news for any who might be interested. You’ll recall that last week was the Cross Roads Doll Show up in Clackamas, Oregon. Since “life just happens” sometimes, I have missed out on the last two 2018 shows with this organization. To my surprise, I learned last week that the Cross Roads Team has had continual difficulties with the management of the particular hotel where we host the show. Consequently, we will no longer be having our shows at this venue. When we hear of our new location, I will let you know. All things considered, we still had a great day, and I posted a short vlog on my YouTube channel about our adventure. I’m both anxious and curious as to where this show will be held in future. My participation hangs heavily on the cost of the table space, as well as the driving distance from home.

In other news, I have revised the pattern for the 70cm Male BJD Long Coat that I put together in my last sewing video. I wanted to tweak it a bit for a better construction and fit. The new version can be viewed on the Free Stuff Page, and the PDF has been replaced as well on the Ready To Print Page. This week, I also have a new pattern for some faux “leather” pants to fit the slim 70cm Male BJDs. They’re a skinny leg pant with zippers at the ankles! I have the sewing video ready! Wishing you all a SUPER week!

70cm Male BJD Leather Pants with Zippers


70cm Male Leather Pants