2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #8

Hello, hello, and Happy Christmas, Internet~Land! Tonight I wanted to post the jolly fella who takes good care of Rudolf. He’s ready to color, cut, assemble, and decorate you favorite spot for the holidays. The arms and legs can be attached with brads for actual movement and posability … if that’s even a word …. Anyway, I  hope you are having a wonderful festive season. Enjoy, and I’ll be back soon!

Happy Santa 2019

Happy Santa Set

Let’s Do Some Sewing!

Howdy, Internet~Land! In the midst of getting the rest of the Christmas Gifts ready, I wanted to finish up a video tutorial for sewing the BJD SD size Female Suit Jacket. I was able to get it all edited and posted for anyone who has the pattern and has been patiently waiting! If you don’t have it yet, it’s available on the Ready To Print page. Enjoy!

2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #6 & #7

Happy Holiday Greetings, Internet~Land! Today you get two-for-one! I needed to catch up on #6, but I’ll be busy on the 14th, so needed to get #7 posted early. It’s ok, though, because these two patterns can kinda go together. They are Basic Set patterns for the Tonner Antoinette and Tyler body styles. As I was going through my patterns, I discovered I had never made basic sets for these gals! Since I’m sure many of you have these models, I thought these sets may be beneficial for you. Remember ~ the Basic Sets are drafted directly from the body of the chosen doll and are intended to be a tool as you create your own unique looks. Any special modifications such as an open fly, a pointed or rounded collar, cuffed sleeves, etc. will be up to you to add as the designer. If you were to actually sew these pieces, you would just end up with a tight bodysuit! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend of happy sewing!

Antoinette Basic Set                          Tyler Basic Set

Antoinette Basic Set

Tyler Basic Set

2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #5

Good evening, Internet~Land! I hope all is well with you! Tonight’s gift is the third piece to complete Jin’s look. First was the pleated pants, followed by the pleated shirt. Now it is time for the mock turtleneck shirt that goes underneath. This pattern includes two sleeve lengths as well as an instruction for an alternate collar style. The alternate style, using just a rectangle and stretching it “T-shirt” style is my method of choice, but the normal two piece collar pattern works, too. This pattern provides several look choices with minimal effort. The other pattern images are already on the Free Stuff page, and the PDFs are on the Ready To Print page. Be sure to get copies of all three to complete your set!

MiroDoll-66cm Jin Mock Turtleneck


2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #4

Hey, hey, Internet~Land! I’m on a roll! I’ve had this idea for quite some time now. I wanted to try making a REAL BJD Paper Doll ~ you know ~ one that can really move. Well, here she is! This doll is a continued development of another one of my dolls called El. That doll was designed as a BJD type style, but her format was just like any other paper doll. Ella, however, has 16 points of moving articulation. I have one outfit ready for her, and more will be coming. I thought it might be fun for you to see her being put together, too, so I recorded a short video of her process. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Ella Flex

2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #3

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! Here’s Gift #3 ~ a cute little Rudolf to help decorate for the season. This is a fun craft for those of you who may have younger ones who will be enjoying the holidays with you! Just color the pieces, cut them out, glue them together, and then hang up for extra Christmas cheer! You can even print out several to give Rudolf more friends for those wonderful reindeer games. Enjoy!


Rudolf Set

2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #2

Hi, everybody in Internet~Land! I’m so excited about this gift! As I mentioned in the last post, I was intrigued about the look that Jin (of BTS) was wearing in one of their videos. That inspired me to try to make the pleated pants he was wearing for my new 66cm MiroDoll male body. Well, once the pants were done, I just knew I needed to make the pleated shirt to go with it! However, this pattern was not as easy to make. I drew several drafts, as well as took time to pleat some fabric to make sure the pieces would actually look the way I wished. I think I now have the pieces as I want them, so am now ready to share!

UPDATE NOTE! When I sewed the original pattern, it ended up being too small for my 66cm fella, but was ok for my Bobobie Apollo. I’ve updated the pattern to reflect that it fits the smaller guy. I will also post the newer enlarged pattern in my Blog Post for January 5, 2020. Here are a couple photos of the actual garments:

And here is a link to the pattern with a photo of the pieces below. Enjoy!!!

Jin Shirt for 55-58cm Male

Jin Pleated Shirt for 55-58cm Male



2019 Twelve Gifts of Christmas ~ #1

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! It’s that time of year again ~ time for lots of surprises! Today’s post will kick off December with Gift #1, a free Pleated Pants Pattern for a 66cm male BJD. We have both a video showing the drafting process and a completed pattern that’s ready for you to print and use. I was going to try to get this all done by November 30, but didn’t quite make it ~ so, hey! I’m starting off strong! I hope you all are ready for a fun holiday ride this month as we get ready to post the way to Christmas! Enjoy!

MiroDoll 66cm Male Pleated Pants


New Basic Pattern Set

Welcome, welcome, Internet~Land! I am finally feeling a little better. Thank you to all who sent me the kindest & warmest “Get Well” wishes. I appreciate it so much! I had a FULL SEVEN DAYS with 101 degree temperature. My throat & head reeeally hurt, so once in a while I would take some IBUProfen (though I’m not supposed to use it very often) to help with the pain. It would knock the fever down for a while, but as soon as the medicine wore off, the fever would jump right back up again. It’s nice to be over that hazy~dazy~fever~head~space and be able to see & think clearly again. It was so sad to miss work & be at home for a full week, and yet be too sick to do anything enjoyable like sew, design, or do face-ups. I … was … just … sick. But now, I’m more functional, so on to doll stuff!

I am finding that I really do like the newer MiroDoll 66cm male BJD body. I currently have my Granado Pancho head on this body. I just like the hight with the slim proportions. I thought it was time to make a new Basic Pattern Set for him. I got it all ready today, because I want to design some clothing that will fit him, specifically. Right now, he’s wearing some clothing that’s actually designed for the Resinsoul 70cm guys, and it’s easy to see that the items are too big. I have two types of pants I want to make as well as a Letterman style coat but I needed to make a basic pattern set first. Now I have a place to start my designs and know they will fit him correctly. I even included two pieces that are drafted from his feet so we can make shoes!

So ~ for those of you who have this doll, enjoy! I’m not sure how similar this body size is to other brands, but if you have one/some of the other tall, slim fellas, I will post the dimensions below so you can compare and know if this pattern set will work for your doll/s as well. (The pink text is a link to the PDF file.)

MiroDoll 66cm Male Basic Set

MiroDoll 66cm Fella Measurements:

Height (no head) 59cm, Neck 10.5cm, Shoulder width 15cm, Chest circumference 27.3cm,

Arm length 19cm, Wrist circumference 6.5cm, Waist 21.2cm, Hip 26cm, Leg 34.5cm,

Waist to ankle 37cm, Thigh circumference 16cm, Ankle circumference 8cm,

Foot length 7.5cm, Foot width 3.5cm

MiroDoll 66cm Male Basic Set

A Moment To Celebrate!

Welcome, welcome, friends in Internet~Land! I’m so excited about this week’s post. We get to celebrate reaching 500 Subscribers on YouTube! As a “Thank You,” I have prepared a new pattern set just for this occasion. The set consists of a new coat design that is available in four different sizes. Hopefully, you will be able to use one (or a couple) to create your own unique look. (A photo of the pattern pages is posted below the video link.) Again ~ many thanks to all of you who visit here and on YouTube. You make our community what it is!

On a side note ~ I was going to share a link by another person on YouTube as additional information for you about wiring BJDs, but it looks like the creator has removed much of her BJD content from her channel. Hopefully, my video will still give enough info to be helpful.

500 Subs Coat Collection

500 Subscriber Set