2022 Twelve Gifts of Christmas #3

So far, I’m pleased to be on schedule! Of course, we’re only three gifts into the month, but still… … Anyway, this pattern set is an outfit worn by one of the BTS members while on stage. I’m always intrigued by their fashions, because so many of the styles present in a really interesting way. This half-wrap-kilt that matched the jacket just looked really cool to me, so I’ve had this idea on the back burner for quite a while. I’m very happy to finally have this out of my head and onto paper, and I’m currently deciding what fabric I’ll use for the coat and kilt. Enjoy, and I’ll be back soon!


2022 Twelve Gifts of Christmas #2

Greetings, Internet~Land! Here’s our second project ~ it’s the larger sized version of the Fashion Hoodie Pattern Set. This was designed to be oversized, so it can work for a variety of third scale BJDs. I used the HuaRong Basic Set as my base. If you want it to be slimmer, you can take the sides of the front & back in a bit as desired for your doll. If in doubt, I always recommend sewing a mock-up with some scrap fabric first, then make adjustments as needed. Happy sewing!

2022 – Twelve Gifts of Christmas #1!!!

Hello, hello, dear Internet~Land! It’s THAT time of year again! With all that’s happened over the last couple years, I’m ready to send this one out in style. Beginning our annual festivities is a new Fashion Hoodie Pattern Set for the Resinsoul Xun (MSD 1/4 scale) BJD. When this doll arrived, I was very surprised to find that her measurements are VERY similar to the Tonner/Wilde Imagination Evangeline body. This discovery made me very happy, as it adds so much more use to the sizing of these patterns. You can probably use this for a variety of MSD sized dolls with minimal adjustments, since longer leggings and oversized tops are often a good vibe anyway. Let the holiday celebrating commence!

A Thanksgiving Treat

Hello, Dear Internet~Land! You may be pleased to know I have started on plans for my traditional 12 Gifts of Christmas. Last year presented some challenges in our lives, so hopefully this Holiday Season will be back to normal. I wanted to start the ball rolling with a new craft set of Fall Harvest Faeries to keep full tummies occupied after dinner … or before. Once the pieces are colored and cut, the torsos are assembled with glue and the limbs are connected with brads for full poseability. Enjoy!

A Footie Pajama and Costume BJD Pattern

Hello, my dear friends in Internet~Land. I’m here with a couple fun projects for your SD (1/3 scale) size BJDs. I had some time away from my Blog during October while when I was getting ready for the doll show. It ended up being a very nice day, and I was happy to display all the projects that I had wanted to get finished. Since then, I have been working to revise the Overalls Pattern Set for the MiroDoll 66cm fella. I wanted to enlarge the pieces a bit to give a little more room in the waist & bum of the pants as well as broaden the shoulders of the button-up shirt. I also made a couple different collar options and three different sleeve options. Hopefully, it will provide a wider variety of looks for your fellas.

The second project was intended to be for Halloween, but it took a little longer than expected to get it finished. This is a Footie Pajama/Costume Pattern Set for the SD (1/3 scale) HuaRong. She has a pretty full figure, so the pattern should fit a variety of 58cm to 60cm girls. This pattern begins with the zippered front footie-pajama body, having both a collar and a hood option for the neckline. The pattern includes kitty-cat ears & instructions for a tail, bear ears & tail, bunny ears & instructions for puffball tail, a ladybug shell pattern, and traceable fairy/butterfly wings. Puffballs and pipe-cleaner can be used to make antennae for the latter two. I’ll try to get out a video soon showing how to assemble the Footie PJs. Thanks for coming by, and happy sewing!

Now To Finish Up the Set

Greetings, Internet~Land! Today I have the second video ready for sewing the button-up shirt that goes with the last post’s overalls pattern set. I ended up doing a bit of tweaking as I put it together, but sometimes that’s how new patterns are. You may need to adjust and alter a little at a time until you’re satisfied with your work. Sometimes I like to leave my “mistakes” or “hmmms” in the video so you can see that these changes (often several) are a very normal part of making a new pattern. If you’re creating something, don’t get sad if it doesn’t turn out how you want the first time. Enjoy the process and learn new things about fitting with each change you make!

Some Casual Wear for Your SD BJD Fellas

Hello, Dear Internet~Land! Today’s post introduces a new pattern set for your slim third-scale BJD fellas. This pattern was drafted for my 66cm MiroDoll guys, which are of a slimmer build. You may have to do a little enlarging to fit the more muscular body types. This set is for a pair of Bib-Overalls and a Button-Up Short Sleeved Shirt. The shirt can be made with a flat one-piece back or a pleated two-piece back, depending on your preference. The overalls can be made in either a full length pant or simply cut them off for shorts. The pieces for a multi-section front bib pocket, back patch pockets, double layer leg pockets, and hammer loops are all included. Have fun and happy sewing!