Christmas Gifts 2021 #1

Greetings, my dear Internet~Land and Happy December 2021! You’ve probably noticed the slight difference in the title of this first December post compared to previous years. We’ve had so much going this year with extra overtime at work that I didn’t want to promise false expectations. We might have a few less posts this year, but I still have lots of fun planned. This first gift is a little late, but I took advantage of some “wait time” at LAX to get this first new pattern set ready for you. Why were we at LAX you ask? Well, we had a mini family trip to see … (drumroll, please) … B…T…S!!!!! It was an AMAZING show! Here are a couple pics from our night. Below them, I’ll post the PDF file and a picture of the pattern collection. This set includes pieces for a long tailored/tailed coat, a shirt, bandless pleated pants, stockings, and embroidered/beaded boots. I was inspired after the concert and wanted to design a new outfit for my BJD Gravity 39cm fellas, Peach and Chocolate (who has been shipped & will soon arrive). I hope you enjoy this month’s Christmas surprises and have a very happy Holiday Season!

Supplemental Basics for Miro 70cm Girl

Greetings, Internet~Land! I hope you’ve had a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet and pleasant and included my mom, my two daughters, and myself. We had a delicious meal, then spent time playing games and watching videos. All in all, a very relaxing day. To finish off the holiday, I wanted to pop in with a new small pattern and video. I’ve had some questions about drafting patterns for basic sets and a bustier, so thought I would combine the two. The doll used in this example is the MiroDoll 70cm Iris, but you can use the technique for any doll you have. I hope it’s helpful!

New Peacock Pattern Set for MiroDoll 70cm Iris

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. Today I have a new set ready for your taller gals. This one was drafted to compliment the other two beaded projects I have to go with my trio in blue, black, and normal resins. I know the gown is going to take the most time, so if I get a little bogged down with the beading on it, I can also work on the two other looks. I’ll post the picture and PDF link below the video where we draw it out. Enjoy & happy sewing!

BJD Registries in More Sizes and New Hanger Pattern!

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land. It’s been a bit since my last post, but I’ve not been idle. I now have BJD Registries available in THREE different sizes! The half-sheet size has been revised to include a pocket on the back of each page to keep important COAs, photos, and memorabilia. The two additional sizes are for use with the medium and large size disc-bound planner sets, but you could forgo the planner and use these files as stand-alone BJD Registries. The discs can be purchased separately to match the size you need. I’m also posting my new pattern for BJD clothing hangers. I had this idea when I was preparing for the last Doll Show and needed a bunch of new hangers very quickly. This pattern is super easy to make, not to mention really inexpensive! I will post the PDF links after the video, and I hope these projects provide some economical fall and winter fun for those cozy indoor days!

Keep Track of Your Crew!

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! I know ~ two posts in one day ~ wow! I saw an idea on facebook the other day that I thought was great! I can’t take credit for the idea, but I thought I could make it easy for you to have one ~ it’s a personal BJD Registry. Here’s the PDF file. The first two sheets are to be printed front-to-back to create the cover and inside flaps, then print as many copies of sheets 3 & 4 (front-to-back) as you need to organize your BJD collection! Once you have all the sheets printed, simply fold the paper in half and staple along the fold to create your book. I really liked the idea of having a way to keep all my BJD data in one place for easy remembrance and comparison. Hope it’s helpful!

Some New Pieces for the 39cm BJD

With the arrival of my BJD Gravity Peach and Chocolate soon on the way, I wanted to have a variety of clothing options available. This new multi-piece set is pretty basic, but gives lots of opportunity for creating several looks. The set includes pleated pants and shorts, a t-shirt, an over-sized sweater with two collar options, a jacket, socks, tall boots, slippers, and wing-tip shoes. I hope it helps in putting together a fantastic wardrobe! Enjoy!

Hoodie and Pants Pattern for BJD-39cm

Good evening, Internet~Land! Today I have a simple pattern set ready. I needed to draft something for my BJD Gravity 39cm fella, and thought some of you might like the pattern as well. This hoodie would be sewn using the same method as the SD Hoodie I just put together in my latest video (linked below). The pants are also pretty simple, with just a casing waist for either elastic or a draw-string. I included a piece to sew some stockings, so he wouldn’t have to go barefoot. If you’d like a pull-over style hoodie instead, you can cut the front as one piece by placing it on a fold along the center front line, and then cut the front pocket in a similar fashion. Just keep in mind the circumference of the neck opening ~ if it’s not big enough to clear over your doll’s head, you may need to remove the head in order to get the hoodie on the doll. In any event, now our 39cm fellas will have something comfy to wear. Happy sewing!

A Basic Pattern Set for my New Fella

Good evening, Internet~Land, (at least it’s evening when I’m posting this). Last week I made a box opening video of my first arrival by BJD Gravity ~ it’s her 39cm Peach. He’s absolutely lovely! I’ll link the video below the pattern images in case you’d like to see him. He’s a new size for me, so I needed to draft a Basic Set in order to start designing his outfits. Not sure what my first fashion will actually be yet, but at least now I’m ready to start. Here’s the new set in case you also have one of these fantastic dolls (or one in a similar size). Wishing you all a wonderful week!