A Bomber Jacket for the 11″ BTS Dolls

Hi, everyone in Internet~Land. I have a new pattern set for you. My daughter informed me that her BTS guys could use a new letterman/bomber style jacket, so here are the results of my labors. I used the Hoodie Pattern that I posted a while back as a basis for drafting this new design. I thought it might be helpful to make a video of my process for those of you who might also like to experiment with tweaking patterns you already have. No worries, though; I won’t make you draw this up yourself. I’m posting the pattern here as well as on the Free Stuff & Ready To Print Pages. You may just need to enlarge it if you’d like it for a bigger doll. Happy sewing!

11inch BTS Doll Bomber Jacket

11inch BTS Doll Bomber Jacket


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