The Basic Set for MTM Barbie – Reg Body

Hello, everyone in Internet~Land! I hope you are rested from your weekend and ready  to proceed into the new work week with zest! …. Although, I must admit that being at home is always my preference. This past week, I took advantage of some time off and worked on my BJD Peacock Beaded Gown set as well as finished up a bunch of BJD Wigs for my up-coming Doll Show at the end of the month. I’ll leave a couple pics below. 🙂 I also have a new pattern set completed for you Made-To-Move Barbie lovers! This (as you could tell from the title) is a Basic Set from which you can begin drafting your own awesome designs. I produced all three of my 11″ articulated patterns in the same file, so while the new image is separate, the Free PDF file has been revised to include all three sets: BTS Boys, MTM Curvy, & now the MTM Regular. If you’ve already printed out the others and only want the new one, just indicate page 3 in your Printer Options. Until next time, happy  designing!

11 Inch Articulated – Basic Sets REVISED


4 thoughts on “The Basic Set for MTM Barbie – Reg Body

  1. sagerchatter says:

    Thank you so much your generosity! These are really well made. I want to start making clothes for my MTM curvy gal but it was hard finding patterns. I will share pics when I get some items sewn up!


  2. Judith Sanders says:

    Stretch book jackets and old Halloween costumes are a good source for knits thin enough to look right on 11″ dolls.


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