Getting Back in the Swing

Hello, hello, Friends in Internet~Land!

Well, I’m starting to get back into the groove of productivity. I have a new video all filmed (it just needs to be edited), I have a new BJD pattern set finished, I’ve won the most recent battle with ANTS in my house, AND I’m enjoying the task of beta reading/editing for a wonderful new & up-coming author! It was a very long couple weeks, but the Lord is always good, and the breather was very refreshing. My family member came through the first surgery well, and will soon move into the next phase of treatments. The funeral for my friend was very nice, and we got to see some dear friends who traveled to be here. We’ve had good reports from the other friends, who are hanging in there one day at a time. So, I guess that’s where we are. All in all, life moves along with both its ups & downs. Thank you for your support and kind comments here, on facebook, and on my videos. You all are so thoughtful, and it’s much appreciated.

Now, on to our dolly joy! The video I’m working on shows how you can use “people patterns” to make patterns for dolls. This set is from doing just that. It’s from an old pattern of mine, but I’m not sure just how old it is, so to avoid potential problems, we’re simply calling it the “ruffle dress.” It’s a loose fitting dress that can be either tea length or full length with a full, flowing, ruffled skirt and sleeves. I reproduced the pattern for both 1/3 SD and 1/4 MSD BJD sizes, and it should work for a very large variety of body shapes due to the loose fit. I will post the link & picture here as well as on the “Free Stuff” and “Ready To Print” pages. Hopefully the “how to” video will be edited and posted very soon, so stay tuned for that. Again ~ thanks so much for all the love & right back at’cha!

BJD Ruffle Dress Pattern

BJD Ruffle Dress Pattern


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