New Basic Pattern Set

Welcome, welcome, Internet~Land! I am finally feeling a little better. Thank you to all who sent me the kindest & warmest “Get Well” wishes. I appreciate it so much! I had a FULL SEVEN DAYS with 101 degree temperature. My throat & head reeeally hurt, so once in a while I would take some IBUProfen (though I’m not supposed to use it very often) to help with the pain. It would knock the fever down for a while, but as soon as the medicine wore off, the fever would jump right back up again. It’s nice to be over that hazy~dazy~fever~head~space and be able to see & think clearly again. It was so sad to miss work & be at home for a full week, and yet be too sick to do anything enjoyable like sew, design, or do face-ups. I … was … just … sick. But now, I’m more functional, so on to doll stuff!

I am finding that I really do like the newer MiroDoll 66cm male BJD body. I currently have my Granado Pancho head on this body. I just like the hight with the slim proportions. I thought it was time to make a new Basic Pattern Set for him. I got it all ready today, because I want to design some clothing that will fit him, specifically. Right now, he’s wearing some clothing that’s actually designed for the Resinsoul 70cm guys, and it’s easy to see that the items are too big. I have two types of pants I want to make as well as a Letterman style coat but I needed to make a basic pattern set first. Now I have a place to start my designs and know they will fit him correctly. I even included two pieces that are drafted from his feet so we can make shoes!

So ~ for those of you who have this doll, enjoy! I’m not sure how similar this body size is to other brands, but if you have one/some of the other tall, slim fellas, I will post the dimensions below so you can compare and know if this pattern set will work for your doll/s as well. (The pink text is a link to the PDF file.)

MiroDoll 66cm Male Basic Set

MiroDoll 66cm Fella Measurements:

Height (no head) 59cm, Neck 10.5cm, Shoulder width 15cm, Chest circumference 27.3cm,

Arm length 19cm, Wrist circumference 6.5cm, Waist 21.2cm, Hip 26cm, Leg 34.5cm,

Waist to ankle 37cm, Thigh circumference 16cm, Ankle circumference 8cm,

Foot length 7.5cm, Foot width 3.5cm

MiroDoll 66cm Male Basic Set


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