I Survived!

Hey, Hey! ~ Internet-Land!

Yes! I was back at work last week, and I survived! It was really tough, though, and my hands were killing me by the end of the week. I was SUPER glad to have my whole weekend of three days to let them rest. I’m hoping this week will continue to get better.

I am also glad to already have fun stuff prepared for you! Where to start??? Last week I worked on new Maggie outfits and even recorded a short video showing the creation of her last dress. You can check it out by scrolling down to my previous blog post. Along with Maggie’s outfits, I drew some new Forest Walk Fairy sets. Now I just have to decide which items to post! It’s hard, because I’m rubbish at keeping surprise secrets. I’ll shop really early for birthdays or Christmas, then give the gifts early because I can’t stand it, then have to shop all over again! Tell you what ~ I’ll post another Maggie outfit here, and a new Forest Walk on facebook, but as your bonus, I’ll also post the new Forest Walk outfit on the “Free Stuff” tab here on the website.

Yesterday, I did have some fun with a new experiment. I put together a birthday gift rain slicker set for one of my little friends. Good thing I finished it & could give it to her on the same day! Wishing you a most awesome week!


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