New Friends to the Collection

Howdy, howdy, Internet-Land! This week I have some happy news. Well, happy to me, anyways. First of all, I finally finished the repaint of my Gretel head that I bought for my 50cm Obitsu gal. It’s such a pretty sculpt. I had painted her a while back, but wasn’t totally happy with how it turned out. (Will post before & after shots.) I also have her original head, but am still deciding what I want there. For this faceup, I drew out a sketch, and then went to work. The only change from the sketch is her eye color, so will talk about that a little more further down. Here’s how she turned out!

In the sketch, I made her eyes red to follow the look of her hair. When I got the face all done, my daughter decided she needed the blue byakugan eyes (like in the Naruto anime), so we made the change. Her red eyes went to a new friend in the house, my lovely new Island Doll, Ada! I was so excited to win her second-hand in an auction at a wonderful price! The listing photos looked like there was a problem with her head, but I thought I could always re-string her myself if necessary. It turned out that the “C” hook just needed to be pulled up into place in the head notch! She’s PERFECT! She even came with her original wig. Her eyelashes were pointed down just like in her promo pictures, but because they are very thick, you couldn’t see her eyes. I decided to reattach them at a more pleasing angle. Here begins a funny story. I began removing her eyes, so I could work on the lashes, and found the putty to be reeeeeally sticky! Imagine my chagrin when on closer observance, I smelled MINT. It was CHEWING GUM!!! eeeeeesh!!! Fortunately, it was a very easy thing to clean up & disinfect. My hands, the old eyes, and the inside of her head were all cleaned with soap & then Lysol! Too funny! After I re-positioned the eyelashes, I put the red eyes in for a new look. Both her face and body are a lovely well balanced sculpt. I’m very tickled with her. Now I’m contemplating tax returns to order her same sculpt from Island Doll in BLUE resin!

I also had a fun discovery just today! When placing Ada on this doll stand, the slickness of the painted metal allowed her feet to slide around on it. As I was looking at it, I realized it looked like it might be about the same size as those jar-opener grippy pads. It’s a nearly perfect match and keeps her feet perfectly placed! You can find them at almost any store. I got these at The Dollar Tree in a set of three. I also have a new outfit for the Abigail Forest Walk doll. You can find the outfit from my facebook page post on the “Free Stuff” tab. Enjoy & have a fantastic weekend!

Forest Walk ~ Fairy Paper Doll ~ Starry Glimmer


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