DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #5

It’s the tenth, and I have the next surprise for you! It’s been a long day, but I wanted to get this posted before I head off to sleep. Have a SUPER day!

Christmas Elves

Christmas Elves


DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #4

Happy Sunday, Internet~Land! Tonight we have another new pattern for you! If Santa’s helpers are going to be putting in overtime at the Workshop, they’ll need some new overalls to stay comfortable and functional! Yep ~ it’s a BJD SD Female pattern for some bib-overalls and a button up shirt! Feel free to enlarge or reduce the size according to your needs. The PDF file will be posted both here (after the video link) and on the “Ready To Print” page. The video this week is sewing together the Christmas Splendor pattern for Evangeline and 50cm Obitsu (also available on the “Ready To Print” page). Enjoy and have a very happy week!

BJD SD Overalls-Top Pattern

BJD SD Overalls Set

DECEMBER 2018 ~ Gift #3

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! Tonight’s surprise is something for the youngsters! Here we have a Color-Cut-and-Glue Craft. It’s all the pieces to create a cute little girl & boy all dressed and ready to play in the snow. I always recommended my students color before they cut. That way, going outside lines won’t wrinkle the pieces. Once cut, the pieces can be glued or taped together, but I always liked to assemble them with brads, so the arms and legs can move and be posed. Have fun hanging them on the frig or a window! Just click on the link to open the PDF file so you can save or print it!

Snow Buddies

Snow Buddies

Sewing a New Idea

Greetings, Internet~Land. Today I tried something new. I saw a great idea for a “people size” outfit, and decided to scale it down to fit my Evangeline dolls by Wilde Imagination. I was very happy that it fit perfectly the first time! The idea came from a gal on YouTube. Her channel name is: Angela Clayton. She has all kinds of fantastic ideas and tutorials. The one I decided to make is a flower skirt. I loved the way the tulle covered the flowers and gave it kind of a misty look. I did make some small adjustments in how I put it together, since dolls have much less room for bulkiness in the seam allowances. Still, I was very pleased with my results. This week will not have a new pattern, because as you’ll see in the video, the pieces are simply a circle and a waistband. That’s it. Super easy and super fast. I hope it can inspire you to create something beautiful as well. Happy sewing!

Drafting a BJD Male Shirt Pattern

Happy day to you, Internet~Land Friends! Since my custom sculpt BJD arrived & now has an appropriate wig, it is time to make him some clothing. Last time, I posted a video tutorial on drafting my set of Basic Pieces for this doll. Again, he has the Resinsoul 70cm slim male body. Today I will show how I use my basic pieces to design a dress shirt. I will show a photo of the completed pieces below the video link, and the set will, of course, be posted on both the “Free Stuff” overview page and as a PDF download on the “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy & happy sewing!

BJD SD Male 70cm SHIRT Pattern

Time To Sew Some Wigs!

Good evening, all you in Internet~Land! Ahhh ~ the joy of a Friday night at home with no alarm scheduled for the morning. That means I can stay up late to get everything ready for posting on the blog! Tonight I’ve had a lot of fun with my new arrival, the David Tennant sculpt face on a Resinsoul body. As some of you know, he came as Shakespeare’s King Richard ~ long hair, robe, crown, & cross. Cool, but not quite the character I have in mind. So ~ tonight I went to work. I have a set of clothes to keep him dressed, but definitely not his permanent look. That will need to wait a while. No, tonight was the night to get his hair in order. I posted a video of sewing together his new wig, and will put photos of the finished product below. The black one in the video thumbnail was just to keep him from being bald! I’m very happy with how it turned out. I’ll also post photos of the steps I mentioned in the video about hand sewing the edge & adding the elastic. Finally, as a fun freebie ~ I’ve added a sheet of wig patterns to the “Ready To Print” page. Now, it will be your turn to sew up something extraordinary!

Once the pieces are sewed together, I hand-tacked the edges up about 1/8 of an inch, being careful to only catch the fabric and not stitch down the “hair.” With the “hem” in place, I sewed the ends of the elastic together and then tacked it to the wig at four points (center front, center back, and the centers of each side.) Once the elastic was secure, I stretched it out as I sewed it to the edge of the wig. I rolled up a washcloth for “bulk” to stuff inside and give assistance to my tired fingers. Continually stretching will make your hands weary. Lastly, I added the sideburns & gave him a nice haircut to add the shape I wanted.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

And now here is a picture of the wig pattern set. It contains three “Three Piece Patterns” and two “One Piece Patterns.” I’ve used all of them at one time or another. Feel free to print yourself a copy!

Doll Wig Patterns

Smiles & Laughs

Happy Friday, friends in Internet~Land! This week I’ve had to deal with some pesky medical things, so just wanted to post something for fun. My daughters made another silly video ~ hope it gives some smiles & laughs ~ enjoy!

Mae as a Fairy!

Good morning & happy Friday, Internet-Land. Today I have a new look for Mae. I hadn’t done a fairy paper doll outfit for quite a while, so I decided to draw one for her. I was just in a “swirly” mood, I guess. This weekend we have some graduation activities, as well as some of my other projects that need attention, so I just wanted to hop on here real quick to say “hello” and post this set. I will also post the photo of this outfit on the “Free Stuff” page and add the updated PDF file (with doll & all her outfits) to the “Ready To Print” page for an easy download.

If you’re new to my site ~ welcome! I’m so glad to have you stop by. For those who are just now visiting, you may notice that some of the older blog posts do not show the “free items” they introduce. A while back, I did some site “house cleaning & rearranging.” Now, ALL the free items are pictured on my “Free Stuff” page, and the PDF version of each file is listed on the “Ready To Print” page. Just look over the “Free Stuff” page, see what you might like, then go to the “Ready To Print” page to click on the file & print or download. Hope that all makes sense & is not too redundant! Have a great weekend! ~ missy

Mae 4

A Mid-Week Surprise!

Good evening, Internet-Land! I have a treat for you tonight. I’ve had quite a few requests for MSD BJD patterns, especially for the MiniFee. So this is for you. It’s a simple dress pattern designed to have a lace collar, lace sleeves, and lace that overlays the skirt. Here’s an overview picture of the pattern set, and you can download the PDF file for free from my “Ready To Print” page. Enjoy & have a great rest of the week! ~ missy

BJD MSD MiniFee Lace Overlay Dress Pattern

BJD SD Mod Outfit Pattern

Howdy, all you there in Internet-Land! This week has been a busy one for me. I was happy to just have a 40 hour work week. Then, Friday, my daughter and I enjoyed some time out at my parents’ house. Friday afternoon & evening were spent working on five more of my doll cases/trunks. I was able to get the shells of all five completely covered. I am trying out a new type of double-layer cardboard. It will definitely make the cases more sturdy, but it’s also more of a challenge to get the covering to look nice on the edges & corners. The next step is to add the grommets for the hinges, then cut, fold, glue, & cover the shelves & drawers. Still quite a bit of work, but making good progress.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I also wanted to share another pattern today. This one is fitted to a 1/3 scale BJD SD size doll. It’s a Mod Style Outfit with bell-bottom pants, a halter top, and a long sweater. Quite a while back, I found some crocheted fabric, and I just KNEW it needed to be a long sweater. It inspired the whole outfit! Now the pattern is available for you. Just pop over to the “Ready To Print Page” for the free pdf download. The pages are formatted to 8.5″x11″ paper. Enjoy & happy sewing!

BJD SD Mod Outfit