Happy New Year 2023!

I hope all is well, dear Internet~Land. I was able to put together one of the pattern sets from last month and am very happy with how it turned out. It was an outfit I had wanted to make for quite a while even before I actually made the pattern. Now you can come along and see how it’s sewn. I will repost the links to the free PDFs in both MSD & SD sizes, just so they’re easier to find in conjunction with this video post. Enjoy!


Making a Pattern More Versatile

Good morning, Internet~Land! I hope your February is going well. We are still very busy, and I am looking forward to a much needed vacation! In the meantime, I thought I would spend some time changing up a pattern and showing a simple trick to use it for multiple SD dolls. I started with the triple pleated pants from the Tartan Pattern Set. You can scroll down through the posts to find it ~ #12 of the “Twelve Gifts of Christmas 2020.” I wanted to add both length and width to the legs. Then when we sew the pants, I will show how you can adjust them to fit dolls other than the Resinsoul Long. Now all your SD fellas can have a good pair of pants with a minimal amount of work adjusting patterns. For your MSD guys, you can grab a Tonner Matt pants pattern from the Ready To Print page and use the same process to correctly fit them to your own dolls. Enjoy & Happy Sewing!

A Cozy Coat for a Rainy Day

Greetings and warmest wishes, Internet~Land! I hope you are well here in the beginning of February. I am continuing to plug right along. Work has been very, VERY BUSY, so I have tried to make the most of my shorter weekends with added rest. Last week, however, I decided to be a bit more productive. A while back I was doodling some new designs, and sketched out a cute little coat with lots of gathers. Next, I set to work to draw out the pattern pieces. Using my break times at work, I got everything cut out so I could sew it together for you. I’m very happy with the results!

Then came the job of putting all the video footage together and getting it edited ~ you know, taking out all my bloopers and such. All was going well until the video failed to render. Evidently, there was some kind of corruption in the Intro video file. Oh, bother. Well, it took a few extra days to get it done, but now I have the tutorial ready to go with this pattern. I hope your dollies will enjoy wearing a new winter look!

An Idea Coming to Life

Greetings, Internet~Land. Today I have the video ready for sewing the new Glamour Coat pattern for SD sized BJDs. We’ve had a very tough few days saying goodbye to my dad, who took his journey to Heaven this week. Putting this together gave my hands and fingers something to do while waiting on calls or to meet together with family for arrangements. It may sound odd to say, but the light powder yellow color seems to reflect a little bit of those golden streets. All in all, this project was very therapeutic for me, and I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m also posting the PDF link for the additional little purse/bag pattern. Hopefully, it will provide some peaceful enjoyment for you as well. Lots of love always & happy sewing.

A “Must Share”

Good afternoon! I am one who LOVES a good bargain. My dear friend shared this with me, and I would like to share it with you. It’s a place called Connecting Threads. They carry beautiful fabrics, quilting kits, sewing tools, and my favorite ~ their wonderful selection of cotton 1,200 YARD thread spools! Right now in the May 2016 catalog, these are on sale for $1.95 each. SUCH a great deal! They also have other thread cones on sale, so check it out at:



Getting Started

So, I’ve had a request for more doll cases (which is always a good thing), so I thought I’d put on a couple pics of their “glamorous beginnings.” My very first case was tall enough, but a bit narrow to have enough room for much storage. I only wish I could still find the black marble design I used on the drawers … sigh. Then I expanded the size and made cases for my daughters. Savannah wanted “cabinet doors” in hers (which I hope to never do again…heeheehee). These were very workable, but a little “over-large.” That led to the final pattern which I still use now. This last fall, I came up with the new Coffin Case, which may still undergo some “tweaking.” I’d like to narrow it just a bit.

I start out with good, flat, purchased cardboard. I want it to be VERY clean; I don’t use a lot of recycled cardboard, as I don’t always know what it contained. This also prevents too many pre-bent creases. Then the pieces are hand cut and assembled, adding different sections of the covering at defined stages. The cases have lot of “down time” while I’m waiting for glue to cure. During these intervals, I work on cutting and assembling the drawers. All in all, from start to finish, a case takes about 36 to 40 hours to make. Well, better get to work!

May 5, 2016

So ~ here I go, on a new “digital” adventure! I’m Missy & I’m starting a blog & website to let my creativity find new life! This will be a place for all my published projects, doll fashion designs, paper doll collections, “how-to’s” (along with my hard-learned “how-NOT-to’s,” and some free patterns & “misc stuff.”

I’m VERY NEW at all this, so please bear with me as I learn all the bells & whistles of the internet world! I am still trying to get all the pages & features managed and under control. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a favorite place to visit. Thanx for coming & enjoy!