Just Some Time To Visit

Good morning, Internet~Land. I thought I’d try something different than my normal “tutorial” style sewing videos. I wanted to take a little time to just chat for a bit as we sew something. I revamped the pattern for the Bobobie Apollo suit a while back (the FREE pattern download is in a previous post), and wanted to put it together to see how it will work. I like the outcome. I’m showing it on the new third scale Resinsoul male body, so the legs & arms are a wee bit short (since this new body is taller), but all in all, I like it. I may adjust the shirt and coat to have a broader width in the shoulders, but am happy with how the single pleat pants fit. Let me know what you think ~ both about the improvements to the pattern and the new video style. If you like it, we can do more this way. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!


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