Ball Gown Pattern for HuaRong SD BJD

Hello, my dear friends in Internet~Land. My hand was finally in a good place to return to work. I started with three weeks of half days, and then moved back to full time. My supervisors were awesome about starting back with work that was easier on my hands before going right back into upholstery sewing. Once things looked like they were back to normal, and I was getting back into the swing of full time sewing, our family got hit with covid. I couldn’t believe it ~ after two and a half years of avoiding it! I’m sure it’s because all the social distancing and mask requirements have been so relaxed in our area. I guess life just moves from one thing to another, doesn’t it? I know this virus hits different people differently, but, boy, was this a gross one! I’ve been down for a week and a half, and truly was not feeling like working on anything creative. I’m finally ok to sit up for longer amounts of time now, and my eyes aren’t sore to the touch anymore, so thought I’d try to get this pattern ready for you.

I did end up adding the embroidered trim to the top of the bodice and then embellished it with some sweet little ribbon blossoms with pearl centers. I also fixed the back of the bodice pieces to include enough overlap for a snap closure. I tried to clearly mark the bodice pieces and place them on the page so it’s easy to see how they fit together. I’ll also include a link below to my video for sewing the bodice pieces together. Enjoy!


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