Hoodie and Pants Pattern for BJD-39cm

Good evening, Internet~Land! Today I have a simple pattern set ready. I needed to draft something for my BJD Gravity 39cm fella, and thought some of you might like the pattern as well. This hoodie would be sewn using the same method as the SD Hoodie I just put together in my latest video (linked below). The pants are also pretty simple, with just a casing waist for either elastic or a draw-string. I included a piece to sew some stockings, so he wouldn’t have to go barefoot. If you’d like a pull-over style hoodie instead, you can cut the front as one piece by placing it on a fold along the center front line, and then cut the front pocket in a similar fashion. Just keep in mind the circumference of the neck opening ~ if it’s not big enough to clear over your doll’s head, you may need to remove the head in order to get the hoodie on the doll. In any event, now our 39cm fellas will have something comfy to wear. Happy sewing!

A Basic Pattern Set for my New Fella

Good evening, Internet~Land, (at least it’s evening when I’m posting this). Last week I made a box opening video of my first arrival by BJD Gravity ~ it’s her 39cm Peach. He’s absolutely lovely! I’ll link the video below the pattern images in case you’d like to see him. He’s a new size for me, so I needed to draft a Basic Set in order to start designing his outfits. Not sure what my first fashion will actually be yet, but at least now I’m ready to start. Here’s the new set in case you also have one of these fantastic dolls (or one in a similar size). Wishing you all a wonderful week!

A Bunch of Stuff and a New Hoodie Pattern

Hello, hello, Dear Internet~Land. These days, I’m just not sure about a lot of “stuff.” With the current “conditions” in the world, we have lost two dear ones and have several more in intensive care. Despite this, work continues with constant overtime. Meanwhile, I have more projects that need my attention than I have time. Soooo ~ I’m trying to prioritize correctly and remain thankful for my blessings. We have Heavenly Father that loves and looks after us, family and friends with lots of love and support for each other, a great job with wonderful benefits so that my bills are paid, and all of you who follow and support our little retreat here on the world-wide-web. From this perspective, I can lift my chin and stay positive. Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to come by the Blog here or to watch my videos on YouTube. You are such an encouragement, and I appreciate you so much!

With all that said, one of my projects has involved setting up some new technology. My old laptop is ready to go the way of the dodo. It has come to the point where the battery will no longer operate the machine, and using it while continually plugged in generates quite a bit of heat ~ probably not a good sign. I was able to get a new one, but have now been going through the challenge of selecting what software I want to use. Previously, I was using an older 2007 version, and thought it might be time to update that as well. I tried out a new free desktop layout program for editing my patterns to see if it might me a good alternative to either using my old programs or paying a huge price for the newer ones. I still don’t have a verdict, but in the process of learning, I managed to lose data before making the normal image views that I usually post. As a result, I am leaving the PDF link in an “open” view so you can get a glimpse of the images. Who knows ~ maybe we’ll like this format better anyway. So, as I edit this post and get ready to head off to dreamland, here is a fun and fairly quick Hoodie Pattern for your 1/3 BJDs. Wishing you all strength, wisdom, and love in these turbulent times. Good night & sleep sweet!

Time for Sew and Chat Outfit 2

Howdy, howdy, Internet~Land! This next video will be sewing the Casual Set designed for the Bobobie Apollo SD fella, and other medium size third scale dolls (slim 58cm to 65cm). I’m actually making it for my new Resinsoul 60cm body which is slightly taller than the Apollo. All in all, I’m very happy with how this turned out, and I even made the vest reversible, so I can also use it with the fancier performance set we made in the previous video. This pattern set PDF has already been linked here on the Blog, so just scroll down through the posts to find and access it as a free download! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Just Some Time To Visit

Good morning, Internet~Land. I thought I’d try something different than my normal “tutorial” style sewing videos. I wanted to take a little time to just chat for a bit as we sew something. I revamped the pattern for the Bobobie Apollo suit a while back (the FREE pattern download is in a previous post), and wanted to put it together to see how it will work. I like the outcome. I’m showing it on the new third scale Resinsoul male body, so the legs & arms are a wee bit short (since this new body is taller), but all in all, I like it. I may adjust the shirt and coat to have a broader width in the shoulders, but am happy with how the single pleat pants fit. Let me know what you think ~ both about the improvements to the pattern and the new video style. If you like it, we can do more this way. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!

A New Casual Pattern Set for 1/3 Male BJD

Good morning, Internet~Land! I thought it would be fun to post a new set today. I was waiting for my new 1/3 Resinsoul male body to arrive, and in the mean-time used the Bobobie Apollo body as a guide for this pattern set. My order has since arrived, so I may just need to lengthen the pants a bit, but I think they are similar enough that this set will work for both. I’m also working on a box-opening video for the new arrival and will include a comparison between the Resinsoul standard 1/3 body and the Bobobie Apollo body.

This set features a simple pair of comfortable cinch-waist pants, a casual long sleeve shirt with a partial front button-up crew neck, and a vest. The pants also have options for regular hem legs or stretch-knit ankle cuffs. Hopefully, this pattern will work for a wide variety of 1/3 scale fellas, and will give your guys (or gals for that matter) something to knock about in! See you soon, and happy sewing!

Let’s Design SLEEVES!

Hello, my dear ones in Internet~Land. It’s been a while, so I hope you are well and happy. My world has been busy and changing. Some of you may already know that last September we lost our dad. After a very, VERY long “covid” winter, my mom made the decision to sell their property out in the country. It’s been her home for nearly fifty years, and was a wonderful place for my sisters and me to grow up. We have now moved her completely out and are preparing to move her into a brand new home in town. I must say, it was a very surreal experience to drive away, down that long gravel lane for the last time. We’ve also still been working lots of overtime ~ which I suppose is a good sign, in spite of how tiring it is.

With all this going on, I have been away from our little corner of the internet here at missysimaginings. I wanted to check in with you to say “hello” and send a little inspiration your way. I recently posted a SNIPPET video for creating sleeves on your dolly projects. I will post that below along with a free PDF that contains the “cleaned up” images we discussed in the tutorial. You can choose to use them as brainstorm ideas or as actual pattern pieces ~ whichever is most helpful. I’ll also post an image that shows all the pages in the PDF below the video link. Please take care of yourself this week and know that I appreciate you so much! Wishing you a great day, and as always ~ Happy Sewing!

A Pattern “Up-Grade” for Bobobie Apollo

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! Recently, I made a purchase of a Distant Memory Jaeii head, but not a DM body. Instead, I currently have him on a Bobobie Apollo body, and have actually ordered a standard 1/3 body from Resinsoul (due to arrive some time in July). While waiting for his new body to arrive, I was looking at a suit I made for Apollo, and I think it needs to be revised. The fit is a little more snug than I would like. Soooooo ~ I have added pleats to the pants, did a general “enlargement” for a looser fit, and changed up the two-tone design on the jacket sleeves. Here’s the new version, and I hope it will work for the Resinsoul when he arrives! Enjoy!

Choosing Fabrics for the Mori Style Set

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! This week, I am continuing with the Mori Fashion design for the SD BJDs. In this video I talk about how to assemble some of the pattern pieces and what I look for when choosing fabrics for this type of style. I also mentioned that I’d be happy to post the picture I sketched out in order to fill in different color combinations, so I linked the PDF below. I hope it’s helpful as you plan your project!

A New BJD Clothing Style

Hello, dear ones in Internet~Land! Today’s post features as new SD (1/3 scale) size BJD Pattern Set in the Japanese Mori fashion style. I heard about this look, and wanted to check it out. When I saw what it was, I just fell in love! It reminds me of a “vintage, less fitted, softer, shabby~chic” version of the old Gunne Sax style we had when I was a young teen. MUCH more comfortable, though! Well, after looking over lots of inspirational pictures, I decided to draft up a pattern set for my Angell Studio Hua Rong BJD. Here are the results of my efforts. I’m posting this right away, because I hope you’ll be as excited to try it out as I am! I’ll be sure to post pictures when my set is complete. Wishing you all the best ~ Happy Sewing!