Joyous Inspiration!

Many years ago, I was working out in my yard and discovered a small plant in one of my flower barrels. Upon closer inspection, I decided it was not a weed, but a small seedling that I believed to be a tiny tree. For some reason, I didn’t have the heart to pull it out, but rather, began to water and feed it. As it grew, it was indeed a tree ~ a filbert (or hazelnut) tree. As it continued to grow, I pruned and later replanted. For several years, it has adorned our driveway, adding a lovely look and shade to our yard. Two years ago, we found the first little nut shells at its base. Sadly, they were empty. While on a school fieldtrip, I learned that once the nut shells begin to appear, it will take four to six years to actually have a harvest of nuts. Imagine my delight when I discovered our shells this year are FULL! It was so fun to gather our very first little hazelnut harvest this year, and it inspired me to draw two new Forest Walk Fairy Outfits! Remember ~ these sets on the web will never be in a book or at a show. They are just for you ~ my internet guests. 🙂 The other set has wings and can be found on my facebook page:

Both are formatted to print out on legal size paper. Simply “save as” to download and print. Enjoy, thanx for coming by, and happy fall!forest-walk-fairy-paper-doll-hazelnut-happiness


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