OK ~ so, I love the month of December. Not only is it time to enjoy all the wonderful Christmas events that seem to fill up every weekend of the month, but for me at least, it’s always been the month that gives a sense of “closure” to the year. I’ve never been big on “New Year’s Resolutions,” because I would always seem to grasp too widely for things I will never really accomplish. I mean, if it’s good and do-able, I’ll just try to work it in as I strive for general improvement in life. The closure, on the other hand, has been useful to me in the “moving forward” process. I recall one year when my family went through FOUR funerals all within one week in November. I know it was not an astronomical upheaval; it was just a very difficult time. The Lord got us through it all, but boy, was I glad when that year was finally over! Crossing off the last day of December on the calendar was strangely “cleansing” for me. It was done ~ time to move away from grief and forward with TONS of loving, happy memories. I also love the thought of possible SNOW! Now, where you are this may not be a big deal, or you may even cringe at the very idea, but I love snow. It makes everything look clean … at least for the first day or two. It’s a pain for driving, but extra time, lots of care, and studded snow tires all help in that aspect. I even love the sound of the car mushing through the snow and slush on the road.

With that idea (along with the weather forecast for next week’s possible flurries), I present my first December craft! Here is Mr. Snowman! Simply download by “right click” & “save as” to your favorite app for printing. These are formatted to 8.5×11 size paper, and I will be posting Mrs. Snowman to my facebook page. Enjoy and Happy December!


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