Glad To Be Back

Greetings and Salutations, Internet-Land!

So glad to connect with you again. Last weekend was a bit rough, so I didn’t get a post published. Just so you’re aware (and this is important; it may change your life), I’m a complete baby when it comes to pain. I’m not afraid of pain and can endure it well, but I feel pain most acutely. Seriously, I can feel when I get a flea bite. Does that mean I may be some kind of super hero in the making? Probably not, but it does come into play regarding my late post. Last Friday I was scheduled to have a nerve study done on my hands. I was NOT prepared. No one told me it would be like letting someone continually zap me with a TASER! And then there was the needle moving around in my hand. The doctor looked over all the graphs and numbers on the computer and nonchalantly informed me that surgery is in my near future. OK ~ this will be an adventure. Saturday, my hands were pretty much useless. No drawing, no sewing, and no typing.

As of today, however, my hands are getting back to their pre-taser state, and though sore, I can get some things done. I am working on a couple new outfits for Maggie, and will give you a sneak peek in the photos below. I am also hoping to get some much needed sewing done this coming weekend, so it may be into next week before I post again. In the meantime, I will post the link for the Doll and Teddy Bear Show & Sale. It’s a great site with lots of dolly info and resources. Enjoy and have a super week!



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