It’s All About Potential!

Greetings & Salutations, Internet-Land! I hope all is well with you. Today I thought I’d share a couple of my recent projects. I’ve slowly been getting back into sewing. I haven’t done a lot, but have just worked on a few fun ideas I had rolling around in my head. I wanted to make outfits for my three new additions. The first set was completed a while ago, and I posted about it as “Red Radiance.” That was previously shown on Ada, but has moved to another new Island Doll, Aurora. Now Ada is dressed in a similar second outfit, but in blue & black this time. The third project is a floral purple gown for a Resinsoul Dai. I will post before & after shots of her to show off her new look.

All three dolls were purchased second hand. On two of the three, I changed eyes, and all three got new lashes & wigs. When I’m looking for a new-to-me doll, I never decide about him/her based on what they might look like at the time, but on how I know they CAN look once I get them & start sewing/painting. That’s the fun ~ seeing what you can create!

First are some “before” pics of Dai.

Now for the “after” shots!

And here are some combo pics of the outfits on Ada & Aurora.

This week, I’m also going to try & have some new paper doll items ready as well. Stay tuned, and thanx for dropping by!


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