My First BJD Sculpt!

Hello, hello, Internet-Land! Another post in only two days? Yes! I have had some fun today trying my hand at sculpting. I’ve never done it before, so watched a lot of YouTube first. As it is my first attempt, I decided to take photos of my progress. I thought it would be fun to share my adventure with you. So ~ here we go!

To begin, I used Super-Sculpey Original oven-bake polyform clay in Beige with a Semi-Translucent Finish. I like the way this clay feels, you don’t have to continually moisten it (like paper clay), and I really like the semi-translucent look. I also got a 2 inch diameter styrofoam ball and two round wooden beads. First I drew on the styrofoam where I wanted the eyes to go. Then I cut holes into the styrofoam, so I could counter sink the wooden beads. This is to form the eye sockets from the inside of the head. I hadn’t ever seen how to form the sockets, so hoped this would work.

Next, I covered the head all the way around and added a sort of triangle that would later become the nose. I added the nose placement while I still knew where the eye beads were. Since I had the “nose” positioned, I could add on thickness for the brow-forehead area as well as the lips and chin.

With the basic shapes added, it was time to actually start sculpting! I carved out the eyes, and shaped the nose and lips. MUCH of the clay around the nose was cut away while sculpting. Then I added some cheekbones and tried to smooth it out. I also rounded in the base where the neck would fit and cut the slit where the elastic & “S Ring” will enter.

Then it was time to add the ears and decide where to cut for the headcap. I also enjoyed adding my name to the headcap. More smoothing, and into the oven. I baked her according to the directions on the Sculpey box. Since she had more thickness in the area of the nose & chin, I baked her at 275F for 20 minutes.

After she had cooled, I used my knife to cut through the headcap slit into the styrofoam ball. This allowed the headcap to come off easier. Next, I cleaned out the styrofoam by gently cutting it away a little at a time. I had to gently scrape a little clay away from the wooden beads inside, so I could gently push them into her head from the outside of the eye openings. I had to be really careful not to damage the eye openings. I spent quite a while sanding and cutting in the little spots for the headcap magnets.

Then it was time to decorate! I sprayed her with clear acrylic matte sealer, then used chalk pastels, colored pencils, and acrylic paints to do her face-up. Lastly, I glued on her eyelashes and the magnets. (I just bought fake eyelashes from the Dollar Tree in the cosmetic section.) Now I just have to patiently wait for everything to dry & cure, so I can put in her eyes & add a wig. Since she is only made of polyform clay, I also cut a small plastic circle from the bottom of an old medicine bottle and cut a slit in the center. I will place this inside her head to help protect & strengthen the slit where the “S Ring” will rest. Here she is thus far. To be sure, I will post pics when her eyes & wig are in place! Now comes the challenge of a BODY!!! Thanks for dropping by ~ have a great rest of your weekend!


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