So Much Fun!

Good morning, Internet-Land! I hope this is a good morning for you! Last week I tried my hand at my own BJD Head sculpt (pics in previous two posts). I was very content with my first “go,” but obviously have lots more to learn and apply. I do, however, want to make a body to go with her. I have an idea to try. I got a small hand cream bottle and cut it apart. I cut it in half at the “waist,” cut holes at the “shoulder” points, and cut out the bottom. I think I will use this as a rough form around which to sculpt my pieces. I will probably add in some wire at the bottom of the lower torso to close in & sculpt around between the leg openings. The bottle was really thick at the bottom, and I couldn’t just cut two leg openings. I’m hoping these pieces will give a little more sturdiness to the clay body parts once they are baked.

I have also made a few exciting purchases. I think I really need to stop for a while. I am getting new additions, and I still need to sew for them. In any case, here are the new items that are here, or will be arriving soon. My first new item is SO EXCITING to me! I was perusing over at Harbor Freight Tools, when I found they carry AIRBRUSH KITS! I was able to get an airbrush kit along with a compressor. I’ve always wanted to learn to use an airbrush, but was never sure where even to look for one. I have no idea of the “quality,” but I’m sure it will be fine for a beginner. So, yes, that’s item #1.


The next three new items are dolly purchases. I was able to purchase a Mirodoll 62cm small bust body, a Feeple60 Nanuri head to go with her, and a Mirodoll 68cm Rain! The girl body has already arrived, so I’m just waiting for Nanuri’s head and Rain to arrive. Neither have face-ups yet, so I will be practicing my airbrushing until they get here.

So, there you have it. That’s my activity over the last couple weeks. I will keep you posted on my progress with the bjd body sculpt and airbrush work. Today, however, I will be taking a break from some dolly ventures to have a friend over to watch the latest Naruto Shippuden movie about his son, BORUTO. Yay! Until next time, here is another new gown for Abigail! Her new dress from my facebook page will also be added to my “Free Stuff” tab. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


Forest Walk ~ Fairy Paper Doll ~ Lavender Melody




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