How To Fit a Fairyland Head on Another BJD Body

Happy Saturday, Internet-Land! I am happy to let you know that all three of my new arrivals were delivered safely this week. The Fairyland Nanuri Head, the Mirodoll 62cm small bust body, and the Mirodoll 68cm Rain. I was pleased to see that the Nanuri skin tone was not far off the color of the body, so the mix will work fine for me. Now comes the task of retrofitting the two together. Each company has its own particular design elements, and this means that not all bjd parts automatically fit with parts from every other company. As many of you probably know, the inside of the Nanuri head has a unique fitting design, and the typical “S Ring” hole is shaped differently than most. The hook from the Mirodoll body would just flop right through it. So ~ I had to come up with a way to hold the hook in place. I didn’t want to alter the head itself by adding resin or apoxy, so came up with the following solution. Many will already know this, but of you’re new to the bjd hobby, I hope you will find it helpful.

Let’s start  with a look at the head. As you can see, the hole inside is weirdly shaped.

I started out by cutting the bottoms off three small pill bottles. PLEASE be careful when using an Xacto knife or any type of blade. If you’re a child ~ get an experienced adult to help with this process! Always cut AWAY from yourself. Once the bottoms were off, I made them slightly staggered in size and cut a small retangular slit in the middle of each one. This took a while with both blade and scissors.

I placed the three plastic discs inside the head. Next is the task of drawing the elastic knots up through the head and plastic discs. I like using the plastic, because though the slit is small, the plastic has enough “give” to slightly bend and let the knots through. Then I slipped the hook through the elastic loops to prevent them from going back through again.

Lastly is the job of putting the skull cap back onto the head. The Fairyland cap has weird little knobs and hooks built into the resin that want to push the plastic discs to the side, making the head sit crooked on the body. To allow the knob to slide under the discs, I slid a small plastic crochet hook up through the neck hole from the bottom. I pushed the discs up just a bit, so the cap knob could slide under them as the cap twisted into place.

And there you go! She looks great! I am happy with the size ratio of head to body, and as I said before, the color difference is not too wonky for my own personal taste. If you’re a high-end collector, you would probably never combine parts in this way, but if you’re a newbie (like myself) or just don’t have unlimited funds for dolly purchases, this may be a way for you to enjoy some high-end faces while still keeping on the more economic side of things for bodies. And of course, following the pics of Nanuri, I will have a new Forest Walk outfit for Abigail. Her new facebook outfit will be posted in the Free Stuff tab as usual. Wishing you another awesome weekend! ~ missy

Forest Walk ~ Fairy Paper Doll ~ Spring Shimmer


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