Happy Saturday!

Howdy, Internet-Land! Wow ~ it’s already the end of June! I can tell I’m getting older, as the days go by much faster. Do you remember being a kid when the summers seemed to stretch out forever, and then the school year would hit like an unexpected ton of bricks? Now I find myself just getting used to the extra summer sunshine, when all of the sudden I’m behind on my Christmas shopping! The days fly away so quickly. That’s why I try to just make the most of each one. Trouble is, I have many more projects than days. Here’s what’s on the list at present:

Face-up & re-string for 1/3 Rain, Outfit for Rain, Face-up for 1/3 Nanuri, Outfit for Nanuri, Face-up & re-string for 1/4 Asa, Sculpt a body for my own BJD head (haven’t named her yet), Finish adding blossoms to the purple gown (made some progress yesterday), Write a new 4 day Willy Wood Duck Story for Vacation Bible School and illustrate all the characters & scenes (due next week, but making progress), Sew 4 more prepped coats for Ellowyne & BJDs, Sew a ton of prepped pants & jackets for Matt, Sew a sporty American Girl outfit for a friend, Sew an outfit for my 50cm Obitsu, Make a pattern & sew a Shania Twain black coat to fit a Teen Trend, Make patterns and sew a coat & pirate Tyler outfit for a friend, Finish the outfit for my custom 27cm Obitsu Hinata, Finish the outfits for 2 custom 28cm Obitsu Naruto fellas, Customize a pair of 27/28cm clear Obitsu dolls ….

That’s what I currently have in progress. Hmmm, I wonder what I forgot …

Of course, I also have the up-coming doll shows that will need preparations. I’m thinking about hosting a vendor table at a 3 day BJD event up in Clackamas, OR,  but not sure if I have time to prepare enough stock to last over that much time. Am still debating that one. All this to say, I’m NEVER BORED! I don’t always get to everything I want to do, but I’m never lacking for things to keep me occupied. The best part is when others enjoy my projects as well. I’ve had so much fun connecting with new friends, vendors, and collectors. My world is much more broad and colorful ~ and YOU are a wonderful part of that! Thank you for coming by today. Here’s sending you smiles and warm wishes for a great week!  (Project update pics following the paper doll outfits!)


I was able to finish the purple hydrangea gown. Here are pics showing the dress on a Wilde Imagination Evangeline body as well as my 50cm Obitsu (for whom it was actually designed). The complimentary pattern can be found on my “Free Stuff” tab. Enjoy!


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