Sometimes Life Is Complicated

Hello, Hello, friends in Internet-Land! I have missed you! As it says in the title, I’ve had a few “life happens” events over the last month or so. My facebook friends will know that early in July we lost a family member unexpectedly. As I said there, I am so thankful that God is merciful and good. We are all well here, and moving on. In late May, I had a bad fall and did a number on my knee. It is still in the mending process, so I have had many hours spent in the company of health professionals. Then, we spent a week in July with our church’s Vacation Bible School program. All that to say ~ most of my creative time has not been for my own pleasure.

I am, however, managing to work in a little time on projects for an up-coming event next weekend. I will be hosting a table at the Resin Rose BJD Event up in Clackamas, Oregon. Here’s the link to the event’s website:

I’ve managed to get a couple more coats done, as well as this new gown & corset set. I will also be selling printed copies of the pattern at the show. For those of you who visit me here, I have a treat for you. During the month of August, I will post the pattern pieces to the gown in my “Free Stuff” Tab. I still have some projects to complete, so had better get back to work. Just know that though I may not “know” you in person, I think of you often and hope you are well! have a great rest of your weekend!



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