A FREE Male BJD 65cm Pattern for You!

Howdy, dear Internet-Land! So today, I have a treat for you. This morning, I used the same method as my last tutorial (Making a Fitted Pattern for Evangeline) and made a pattern that will fit a larger framed male 65cm BJD such as an Ipplehouse fella. It will probably be too big for the slimmer guys, such as Resinsoul or Mirodoll. These pieces are for a collared button-up shirt and a pair of pants. The shirt can be made with long or short sleeves, but the pattern does not have cuffs for the long sleeve. The shirt collar can be a stand-up oriental style, or the traditional pointed corner fold-down style. The pants pieces will need to be assembled as instructed on the pattern before pinning onto & cutting your fabric.


The tutorial explains how these pieces will produce VERY form-fitting pieces, as they are drafted directly from the doll’s body. To make them looser, longer, etc., you will need to tweak the pieces yourself to create your own design. This is just a starting point. As is, it will result in “skinny jeans” and a “short shirt.”



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