An Early Christmas Gift!

Good afternoon, dear Internet-Land! For the FIRST time EVER, I actually have my Christmas shopping all done BEFORE December. I’m looking forward to enjoying the month without the stress of, “When am I going to have time to go shopping?” Now I can spend my energies on freebie fun!

My previous post was a fun new Christmas set for the paper doll, El. Just head over to my “Free Stuff” page for lots more paper doll treasures. Today I am featuring a new set of pattern pieces. Phyn & Aero recently released the lovely Annora resin BJD, but she doesn’t have a lot of clothing yet. “As is,” these pieces will produce a very snug body suit. A 1/4 seam allowance has already been added, but there is no overlay on the front or back pieces for snaps/buttons. All the design options are totally up to YOU! This is just a place to start. You get to decide on each pleat, tuck, & ruffle. There are three pages of pieces to make your own version of SPECTACULAR!

Enjoy, and Happy, Happy Christmas!

Annora 1

Annora 3

Annora 2


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