A New Look To Sew

Hi, everybody in Internet~Land! Today I have a new pattern set ready for you. I was watching some BTS dance practice videos, and was inspired by some of the fellas wearing cool Ninja Pants. I thought, “Hey ~ I want to make some of those!” So, I did. I showed the first version of the pants in one video, then tweaked the pattern a bit to make the current sewing tutorial video. Then I added another version of the pants that include some front pleats & back darts. I also included a basic tank-top pattern with a slight racer-back cut. The patterns were drafted to fit my 70cm Resinsoul male body, but there’s plenty of room & length to fit the Ipplehouse EID & SID bodies as well (just use stretchy fabric for the tank top). You could go so many directions with this pattern set, so have fun! A photo of the pattern set is below the video link. Just click on my Ready To Print page for the FREE PDF download!

BJD SD Ninja Pants & Tank Top


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