A New BJD SD Female Suit

Good evening, friends in Internet~Land. I hope all is well with you this fine September night, and that you are happy today. I’m sitting here with my sweet Tom-Cat, Salem, and am hoping you have had a day as restful and contented as mine. It’s been slow and relaxing, which was very much needed. I just love it when we get our whole weekend. I still have a Saturday tomorrow! Today, I was able to get a new pattern finished up for you, as well as a video showing my drafting process. Hopefully it will inspire you not only to print & sew the new featured pattern, but to try creating some new patterns of your own as well!

In other news (before I insert the pattern & video links) ~ I will be hosting a Vendor Table at the Cross Roads Doll Show on September 28, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. Click the link below for more information, and perhaps I will see you there!

Portland, OR

BJD SD Female Suit Pattern

BJD SD Female Suit Pattern Set


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