Giving Attention to Ellowyne & MSD BJDs

Hello, Internet~Land! I recently got some really cool, shiny blue, linen textured vinyl (faux leather) fabric. IMMEDIATELY, I had an image in my head of what I wanted to sew using it. A Bolero jacket with lace covered openings in the sleeves and back just popped into my head. Now most of my dolls are of the larger persuasion, so it usually happens that is the size for which I design. This time, however, I decided to switch to the smaller MSD size (which also includes the Tonner Ellowyne, Annora, and sometimes Tyler sizes as well). This pattern set is easily adaptable to the various body types, simply by enlarging or reducing the amount of dart that is taken in on the dress bodice. I have not yet sewn this set (so there isn’t a video yet), but wanted to post the pattern as soon as it was done. I hope you and your dollies will find it an enjoyable design! Until next time ~ Happy Sewing!

BJD MSD Bolero Coat and Dress Set

BJD MSD Bolero Set


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