Trying a New Pattern for BJD Wingtips!

Hello, all my friends in Internet~Land! I have a new shoe pattern for SD size wingtip shoes. This pair was made to fit my Mirodoll 66cm male BJD. His feet are 3″x 1 1/8″ (or 7.8x3cm). My previous patterns all turned out bigger than I would like, so I am happy that this pattern finally fit just how I wished. When making this pattern ready for scanning and printing, I adjusted the shoe to fit either foot for easier construction. If you would like to alter it to look more left or right, feel free to do so. When I make the soles, I use two layers of thick Dauphine vinyl for the sole, and another two layers for the heel. I glue the center of the soles and heels, keeping the glue away from the edges. This made it easier to sew them together without the worry of glue gumming up my needle and machine. Then I glued the heel to the sole in the center of the heel. These layers were then sewed together as I also sewed the shoe top to the sole. Once again, keeping the glue in the center made it easier to sew without having to push my needle through hardened glue. All in all, I am really happy with how they turned out and will be making more for my other fellas. Enjoy!

SD BJD Wingtip Shoes Pattern


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