Back to Work in MSD Month

Greetings, my Internet~Land friends! We had a shuffling of the schedule at work due to some new construction. Today is the last day before heading back to the job. With the change in work days, I know next weekend will be a short one, so I decided to post this new pattern set a little early. It’s a cute pajama set with two types of top options ~ a button-up and a pull-over. The pattern was originally designed for the Tonner / Wilde Imagination Evangeline, but will work for most MSD size BJDs, since it has a pretty loose fit. You will only need to adjust the length on the pant-legs (and possibly the sleeves) to match the size of your own doll. Evangeline is 18.25 inches tall, and most of the height is in her lanky legs. You can check out the end of my “Sewing MSD Puff Sleeve Dress” video on YouTube (linked in the previous post) to see a small fashion show comparing the fit of the dress on several doll body types, including Evangeline. Wishing you lots of sewing fun and creativity!


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