12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #8

Hello, hello, Internet~Land! I hope this month is treating you well. I always love December and the whole Christmas season, but I know this year is quite different. Many will not be able to enjoy the “normal traditions” of the holidays with lots of parties and large gatherings of family and friends. I hope these little surprises throughout the month will lift your spirits, even if just a bit. They may not be very extravagant, but they carry lots of love all the same!

Today’s gift is for all you paper doll lovers! This post includes two new outfits for the Ella Flex Articulated BJD Paper Doll. The PDF link is an updated file that includes the doll and ALL her outfits (including the two new ones shown below). They are ready to print, color, cut out, and assemble! I also posted a video on YouTube that shows how I put her together, so I’ll link it below the clothing image. Enjoy!


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