12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #10

Happy Christmas Eve, Internet~Land! Here is the next surprise. I went ahead and scaled down the Shirt Dress Pattern Set 75% to fit Ellowyne and other MSD BJDs. Since I have so many SD (1/3) BJDs, Ellowyne and the smaller gals often get overlooked. I thought many might like to have this set for that size as well. I compared the smaller scale measurements to the actual dimensions of an Ellowyne (by Tonner’s Wilde Imagination), and I think it will work just fine. There may be a little extra room in the waist & bust, but shouldn’t be too bad. You may also want to shorten the length of the sleeves & the leggings, but I left them long, because there’s a chance the set could also work for Evangeline! I should also have the next gift ready later today, so will “see” you again soon!


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