12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #12

Well, Internet~Land, I know this is a couple days late, but it’s still December, so I’m quite satisfied with my efforts. To finish off our event, I wanted to go out “in style.” I thought, “I haven’t designed anything for my 70cm Resinsoul Long in quite a while,” so this gift will be one for the tall fellas! I had an idea in my head, and just to be up front, I make no claim to historical accuracy. It’s just one of those things that jumbles around in my brain until I literally draw it out! The set includes a turtleneck top that can close in the back with a snap, so you don’t have to remove a head to get it on the doll; a triple front pleated pair of wide leg trousers with real front pockets; a VERY long overcoat with darted front shoulders and a yoked & split back; and an optional Tartan drape that (in my opinion) makes the entire look. The sketches also show the opposite sleeve of the coat sewn in the same Tartan plaid as the drape, but that is, of course, entirely up to your own preference. I think this look could also be very appealing if done in some fantasy colors & fabrics. In any event, that will wrap up our annual “12 Gifts of Christmas 2020” with lots of love and warm wishes for a much needed, wonderful New Year! Take care!


5 thoughts on “12 Gifts of Christmas 2020 #12

  1. Dominique F Cossu says:

    thank you kindly for all those patterns. know that they are all very appreciated. I am a bit late , but still wishing you and your family the best for the year 2021. kisses and hugs


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