Hoodie and Pants Pattern for BJD-39cm

Good evening, Internet~Land! Today I have a simple pattern set ready. I needed to draft something for my BJD Gravity 39cm fella, and thought some of you might like the pattern as well. This hoodie would be sewn using the same method as the SD Hoodie I just put together in my latest video (linked below). The pants are also pretty simple, with just a casing waist for either elastic or a draw-string. I included a piece to sew some stockings, so he wouldn’t have to go barefoot. If you’d like a pull-over style hoodie instead, you can cut the front as one piece by placing it on a fold along the center front line, and then cut the front pocket in a similar fashion. Just keep in mind the circumference of the neck opening ~ if it’s not big enough to clear over your doll’s head, you may need to remove the head in order to get the hoodie on the doll. In any event, now our 39cm fellas will have something comfy to wear. Happy sewing!


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