The Third SD BJD Pattern in Our Mini-Series

Greetings, Internet~Land. So, my latest pattern projects have been a small “series” featuring three different types of pants: the front drape harem pants, the front wrap-pleat pants, and the side-snap pants. Up to this point, all three have been finished and posted in the MSD (1/4 scale) size, and now this is the last one of the three for the SD (1/3 scale) size. This set has the pants, a baseball style T-shirt, and pieces for a set of slippers. The waistband of the pants can be sewn in two different ways. The first is to have the back and fronts separate, so the front and back connect at the waist with snaps. The other is to join all the waistband pieces and have the pants connected with a solid waist, having the snaps just down the sides of the legs. On this second method, just be sure the side overlap is sewn into the waistband so it doesn’t mess up the overlap for the side snap placements.

Since I haven’t made as many patterns for the MSD 44cm body, I tried to have those patterns contain some simple style tops: a T-shirt, a turtleneck, and a pullover hoodie. I thought these would give some good pieces as a basis for designing and modifying other items. The larger SD patterns include some more specifically designed pieces, since several basic styles are already available here on the site. Plus, my larger guys needed some new concert performance pieces. heeheehee!

As far as an update ~ my hand surgery is scheduled for mid-May. They’re going to make an incision on the top of my hand/wrist, lift up each tendon, and trim away the excess membrane build-up. Hopefully, that will allow the tendons to once again glide smoothly and have full range of motion. It’s been quite a job to navigate through all the paperwork that needs to go everywhere, but I think at this point I have done everything I can for the time being. It’s been very interesting that all the health histories and pre-visit/pre-surgery information is done online now. So much has changed in just five years!

I’m not sure how much more I’ll get done between now and my “event,” so in the meantime, I hope you have fun sewing and experimenting with these designs. Enjoy!


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