Hello, hello, Internet~Land. I hope you enjoyed the “video visit” in my last post. Now that my Resinsoul Xun has arrived and been opened, I have finished drafting her a Basic Pattern Set. As I mentioned in the video, this doll has the newer and taller 1/4 scale (MSD) female body with the double jointed elbows and knees. The Resinsoul site lists her as 45cm, but when I measured her (with her head attached), I came up with 43.7cm. I’m wondering if 45cm is the size of the original sculpt, but a little height is lost through the molding and casting processes. Her body is very similar in shape to their Mi 60cm body. This pattern set includes both the separated (4 piece) and combined (2 piece) versions of the bodice, as well as both the front and back closure versions for the collar. I also drew a dotted line across the four bodice pieces for drafting a slip, bustier, or strapless dress. A basic foot and sole pattern are also included for designing your favorite slippers. The foot upper has a 1/8″ seam allowance, but the sole doesn’t include one. It is drafted to to the actual foot shape, so remember to flip it for fitting the other foot. Also remember that the bodice front and back pieces (in both versions) do not include overlap for closures. You will need to add it in the appropriate place when drafting your fashions.

I’m also posting the MiroDoll Leo Wig Pattern Set. His head seemed a little bit smaller than some of my other MSD size dolls (Ellowyne Wilde and Evangeline Ghastly), so I thought there might be others out there that could also use a pattern that’s a bit more specifically sized. It is linked and shown below Xun’s Basic Set. My hand surgery is swiftly approaching, so I wanted to get these finished and posted with plenty of time to spare. Happy sewing, my friends!


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