A Much Requested Pattern

Hello, Dear Internet~Land! Over time, I’ve had several requests on how I made the SD size chenille sweater. I had seen a couple cute sweaters for people sizes, so decided to try making my own in dolly size. Here is a copy of the pattern I made. I hope it helps give a little direction on how to start. Once you’re used to it, you can alter and tweak to your liking. I will give a quick hint about working with chenille. It is very fluffy, and so can be difficult to see stitches clearly. It can also easily fall apart so there is only bare string remaining if you overwork it. If you’re new to crochet, maybe practice first with a more sturdy (yet light weight) yarn. The FREE PDF is linked below along with pics of the pattern page and a close-up of my finished sweater on my 60cm Angell Studio Hua Rong. Enjoy!


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