A Footie Pajama and Costume BJD Pattern

Hello, my dear friends in Internet~Land. I’m here with a couple fun projects for your SD (1/3 scale) size BJDs. I had some time away from my Blog during October while when I was getting ready for the doll show. It ended up being a very nice day, and I was happy to display all the projects that I had wanted to get finished. Since then, I have been working to revise the Overalls Pattern Set for the MiroDoll 66cm fella. I wanted to enlarge the pieces a bit to give a little more room in the waist & bum of the pants as well as broaden the shoulders of the button-up shirt. I also made a couple different collar options and three different sleeve options. Hopefully, it will provide a wider variety of looks for your fellas.

The second project was intended to be for Halloween, but it took a little longer than expected to get it finished. This is a Footie Pajama/Costume Pattern Set for the SD (1/3 scale) HuaRong. She has a pretty full figure, so the pattern should fit a variety of 58cm to 60cm girls. This pattern begins with the zippered front footie-pajama body, having both a collar and a hood option for the neckline. The pattern includes kitty-cat ears & instructions for a tail, bear ears & tail, bunny ears & instructions for puffball tail, a ladybug shell pattern, and traceable fairy/butterfly wings. Puffballs and pipe-cleaner can be used to make antennae for the latter two. I’ll try to get out a video soon showing how to assemble the Footie PJs. Thanks for coming by, and happy sewing!


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