Continuing my Rainbow/Shadow High Journey with a Trunk!

Greetings, dear Internet~Land! Today I’m posting a video for the unboxing of this wonderful clear acrylic doll trunk for the Rainbow/Shadow High dolls. It’s super cute, and I was pleasantly surprised that even with all the little cardboard fillers (to add extra aesthetic value), there was surprisingly little garbage to throw away. It was mostly full of wonderful clothing items and accessories. I also finished up the Gown Pattern for the Rainbow High gals to compliment the Tuxedo that was linked in the last post. Hopefully this will give opportunity for a great formal occasion set. I will add the free PDF link below the video & above the pattern set image. We also have the Wagon Wheel Doller Show & Doll Sale this weekend, and I have posted a link to their event in the video description. Enjoy, and hopefully I’ll see some of you there!


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