Getting Started

So, I’ve had a request for more doll cases (which is always a good thing), so I thought I’d put on a couple pics of their “glamorous beginnings.” My very first case was tall enough, but a bit narrow to have enough room for much storage. I only wish I could still find the black marble design I used on the drawers … sigh. Then I expanded the size and made cases for my daughters. Savannah wanted “cabinet doors” in hers (which I hope to never do again…heeheehee). These were very workable, but a little “over-large.” That led to the final pattern which I still use now. This last fall, I came up with the new Coffin Case, which may still undergo some “tweaking.” I’d like to narrow it just a bit.

I start out with good, flat, purchased cardboard. I want it to be VERY clean; I don’t use a lot of recycled cardboard, as I don’t always know what it contained. This also prevents too many pre-bent creases. Then the pieces are hand cut and assembled, adding different sections of the covering at defined stages. The cases have lot of “down time” while I’m waiting for glue to cure. During these intervals, I work on cutting and assembling the drawers. All in all, from start to finish, a case takes about 36 to 40 hours to make. Well, better get to work!


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