A New Addition!

I’m so excited about my new addition of a tan Iplehouse Asa BJD, MSD size! I absolutely LOVE her joints & flexibility! I found her on eBay for a spectacular price, as there was some slight blooming on her face. Upon inspection, it looks like a faceup has been taken off. This left a slight cleaner residue, much of which was easily removed. Now the remaining shade variations will be easily covered with a new faceup. One photo shows her with a pair of 16mm grey eyes, which seem too large for my taste. I will be ordering a set of 12mm or 14mm here shortly. I’ll post update pics as she journeys to completion.

One of my earlier projects was a Baby Hujoo Suve. I entered a pic-spam contest with her, but sadly, she was not a winner. I still think she is really cute, though, and now that the contest is over, I can post the photo. Here she is guarding my herbs on the front porch. Wishing you a wonderful week! ~ missy



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