Trying my Hand at Painting

So, I said I would post updates on the progress of my “new-to-me” little Iplehouse Asa. (See the entry, “A New Addition,” to look at her “before” pictures.) I decided to jump in and paint. I also picked up a new type of clear matte spray, but I’ll get to that a little later. First, the painting. After applying a coat of clear matte spray, I brushed on a coat of tan to minimize the blooming on her face. It ended up being a bit too dark, but not totally horrible. Next, I added some darker brown in her nostrils & ears. Then, I used pastel chalks to shade and blush her face. I also used a blue chalk to shadow her eyes. The lips were painted. My problems come with an uneven hand in the detailing. I always end up with too much eye liner and mushy lashes. Still, I did her eyebrows and applied real lashes. I wasn’t 100% overjoyed, but I was content… UNTIL… …

I used the new clear spray to seal the paint. It was SHINY!!!! Aaaaahhhh! Yes, shiny. So now, I will probably clean her face and start all over. The spray was Design Master Clear Finish Matte. Well, not matte enough for me. I had better luck on other dolls with a less expensive Krylon Clear Finish Matte. Will probably go back to that one. I know the highest recommendations come with Mr Super Clear Matte, but I would need to order that one. Nevertheless, I will post her picture with hair just so you can see her. Yes, I know these eyes are too big and look a bit alien, but I have smaller ones on the way. Well, that’s where she is thus far. Will post again when she has another update to share.



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