Thanx for Visiting!

I had a great time at the Crossroads Teddy Bear & Doll Show yesterday! It was so fun to see all  of my collector & vendor friends again. Thank you to all of you who visited my table & have now visited my website. I appreciate you spending some time here. As many of you know, I gave away a free printed special edition paper doll at the show. Here on my site there are two more outfits as well as another gal with the same body shape. My facebook page also has two more outfits for you to save & print as you like. I will also be posting more outfits on these sites shortly, so be sure to come back & check!

I also took some pics of my table, so for those who could not come to the Clackamas show, but want to visit another show, you will know what to look for to find me. 🙂 Thank you again for coming & be on the lookout for more paper doll fun!



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