Back to Work

Well, here it is, a week after the show. Now it’s time to get back to sewing. Up first will be a new supply of clothing for the Tonner Matt style fellas. I need to make more pants! I will be starting with some khakis & off whites, as those have been requested. Then will move on to more of these “tweedy-plaids,” because I have plenty of this fabric. I have also not forgotten the tutorial I am planning for the earlier posted “How To Make a Tonner Matt Shirt Pattern.” Another item coming up will be more of the “leather look” long & short coats, but will work on them as I have time.

I have recently had to make a major career change. I am really liking my new job & all the cool people with whom I work, but it makes for some long work days ~ so my sewing will be saved mostly for weekends. I also have some new paper doll ideas, so be sure to watch for those! All in all, the Lord is very good and continues to bless in so many ways. Wishing you all the best with many thanx for continuing to visit my site!



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