Merry New Year!

Well, here it is, Internet-Land, we’ve made it through 2016. Another year has passed, and we look forward to a new beginning. As I was transferring some data from my old planner to  my new one, I found a page on which I had written out some goals for 2016. I was so pleased to find that I had actually accomplished all four of them. (Remember ~ I never make big, unrealistic resolutions.) First on the list was to design a set of fairy paper dolls. Not only did I complete the printed set, but have had so much fun adding to it with exclusive dolls and outfits just for you, my internet friends! Secondly, was to select items from that set to make into real doll clothing. This one wasn’t as abundant, but I did make one into an outfit, and it has sold. (I still have four more to make of that design, as it is a limited edition of five.) Thirdly, was to choose a name and logo for my very own “brand.” I am still pleased with my choice of “Missy’s Imaginings,” and still love my hydrangea design. One of the highlights for this year was finding the beautiful hydrangea fabric for my doll show table skirting. Lastly, was to start up a website or blog. Happily, this turned out to be a two-in-one project. I am tickled that not only did I start this project, but have faithfully posted almost every week. This is my 40th blog post for 2016!

Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged when looking over a year and seeing all the negatives that may have presented themselves. As we come to the close of 2016, take some time to look at the positive things you’ve experienced. Maybe you took a vacation. Maybe you met a friend. Maybe you changed a job. Maybe you had a really fun day with your children or grandchildren … or great grandchildren. Maybe you added to a collection. Maybe you found a super good recipe. It could be anything ~ big or small. Just think of all the good things that came your way this year. Then think, “How can I make more of that good stuff come my way this year? How can I direct more good stuff towards those I love?” Tonight as we count down the minutes to 2017, let your sights be set on those things that are good, lovely, true, pure, and virtuous. You CAN direct your path for 2017 ~ Wishing you a Very Merry New Year!

Maggie’s additional New Year’s outfit can be found at



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